November 28, 2021

In Vernouillet and Dreux, a crucial week for the “Seveso” warehouse file

“They have an angelic presentation of their activity. But even if they provide all the guarantees, they are not classified Seveso High Threshold for nothing. Explosion or fire, zero risk does not exist anywhere”, exclaims Michèle Bouquet , on this Friday, October 15, on the market in the city center of Dreux.

Leaflets, petitions: Since June 2021, a “Seveso collective” has been mobilizing against the project to set up a logistics platform in the Porte Sud business area located at the entrance to Vernouillet when you arrive by the road to Chartres.

Since the announcement of the project, residents are worried

Subjected for the first time to a public inquiry, the incomplete file was retested by the State. Once again, a public inquiry has been launched since September 28. It will end on November 12.

And in the meantime, a large public meeting will be held on Tuesday, October 19, at the Agora de Vernouillet in the presence of the project promoters.

“Their warehouse 300 meters from the houses in the hamlet of Nuisement, 860 meters from the Plein Sud shopping center, 1,200 meters from the Vauvettes district and less than two kilometers from the hospital, nobody wants it!”

An opponent of the project (empty)

On the Dreux market, the arguments hit the mark: “If these storages of dangerous products explode, nine municipalities will be directly affected, from Vernouillet to Ecluzelles. All this for 150 jobs promised” argues the collective which already claims 1,500 signatures on his petitions.

To these arguments, Yannick Buisson, managing director of the FM Logistic group (30 sites and 6,500 jobs in France, a presence in 14 countries), opposes his own, on this Friday.

“It will not be a production plant. It will be a storage building of 70,000 square meters with concrete partitions, fire walls. This building will only accommodate finished and packaged products of For example, perfumes produced in the Cosmétic Vallée and medicines manufactured in factories in the region. These products contain a certain number of substances, in particular alcohol for perfumes. site will be classified Seveso Seuil Haut like 8 other sites in France “.

Yannick Buisson (Managing Director of FM Logistic)

“Every time we set up a bonded warehouse we run into these kinds of questions and fears. I totally understand that.”

Other Seveso sites in the department, a fire had broken out in Luigny

Faced with the 13 hectare land that his group hopes to acquire, Yannick Buisson says: “If we get all the green lights, we are projecting a start of activity around 2024-2025. And a cruising speed in 2028-2029”.

Pascal Boursier

Pierre-Frédéric Billet, vice-president of the Agglo du Pays de Dreux

Pierre-Frédéric Billet, vice-president of the Agglo du Pays de Dreux in charge of economic development, visited an FM Logistic site near Louviers this Friday morning, which is classified Seveso low threshold and must switch to Seveso high threshold. “I appreciated this operation of transparency with regard to the elected officials of the municipalities concerned on the part of the management of the company. In itself, FM Logistic is a beautiful French, family-run company in the high-end of logistics. . But, the implantation project in our territory poses real questions “
It recognizes the legitimacy of the concerns of residents. “I am also asking myself questions, particularly as chairman of the hospital’s supervisory board. This factory will be 1,500 meters from the hospital which, moreover, is the headquarters of Samu 28. What will happen to it? it in the event of an incident on the site for the continuity of care? I do not have a final opinion on the file, I am waiting for the conclusions of the public inquiry to pronounce myself and I will be present, moreover, on Tuesday, during the public meeting ”
Interview by Valérie Beaudoin