November 30, 2021

In the Pont-Audemer sector, companies are desperately looking for workers

The construction sector is having difficulty recruiting. (© ENC Pont-Audemer)

In certain sectors of activity, the economic recovery is confirmed after the health crisis and the successive confinements that have weakened the business world. Problem, this relaunch is accompanied by a labor shortage qualified and graduated. If some business leaders want to hire, candidates are scarce.

TO Bourg-Achard (Eure), the society Honnet Construction has specialized since 1976 in the construction, renovation and expansion of homes.

“We are looking for roofers, but we cannot find any. If we needed carpenters or masons, we would have the same difficulties “

Christine honnetWife of the founder of the company Honnet Construction

The construction sector is struggling to attract. TO Pont-Audemer, Richard Duclos runs the company Duclos Construction : “I am looking for a qualified and autonomous roofing carpenter and plumber. According to the young leader, this shortage of manpower is explained by the bad image from which his profession suffers.

“We have been denigrating the building for years. It is often said that the young people who go in this field are dunces. When I was a teenager, I remember that my teachers wanted to push me to study, while I wanted to become a mason. “

Richard DuclosDirector of Duclos Construction

To encourage young people to move towards these neglected manual trades, the manager, also deputy mayor in charge of works at Pont-Audemer, would like a vocational training center (CFA) of the building saw the light of day in the town: “All young people do not necessarily have the means of locomotion to train in Rouen (Seine-Maritime), to Havre or to Caen (Calvados) », He emphasizes. If the building attracts so little young people, it is also probably because of the arduous work and the unattractive wages offered by small businesses.


Other sectors are affected by the “lack of arms”. This is the case with restoration. TO Spiders, Tony Potillion, the boss of the hotel-restaurant Le Tosny desperately looking for staff for months. “The hardest part is finding cooks. I have also been looking for two years for an apprentice to work in the dining room. I am on the phone every week with Pôle Emploi. At the beginning, I had criteria to recruit. Today, I’m just looking for someone motivated that I want to train well on the job. But even without criteria, I can’t find anyone. “

The health crisis has shaken up the organization of his company: “I have a cook who resigned because he did not want to be vaccinated”, regrets Tony Potillion. The long periods of confinement also made some employees think: “I lost my room manager who discovered free weekends during confinement. This is understandable. I too almost closed the restaurant part and only catered because during the health crisis I tasted family life. For the first time, I could come home at night and wonder what I was going to watch on TV. “

Richard Duclos, director of Duclos Construction in Pont-Audemer (Eure).
Richard Duclos, director of Duclos Construction in Pont-Audemer (Eure). (© The Awakening of Pont-Audemer)

Employees create businesses

Quit your job to make a professional retraining. Franck Lorentz has also observed this phenomenon since spring 2020. Head of the Pont-Audemer branch at the Portes de Normandie Chamber of Commerce and Industry (CCI), he supports business creators: “I see more and more employees, with skills, who want to resign from their business or sign a contractual break with their employer, to create their own business. This phenomenon already existed before the health crisis, but it has grown since then ”, before adding:“ The number of creations is exploding in all sectors of activity: trade, crafts, service… ”

Franck Lorentz adds that support systems for business creation put in place by the Normandy Region, such as “Ici je monte ma box”, offer free personalized support to business creators and / or buyers, regardless of their status or project, everywhere in Normandy. What push some employees to change their life.

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