November 30, 2021

In Montluçon (Allier), Richard Pokée sells his business to Nicolas Godignon

At 58, Richard Pokée was not looking forward to retirement, even though his professional football career started early, at the age of 17, in Lens. But he was starting to talk about it around him and when Nicolas Godignon offered him at the beginning of the year to buy his company Pokee sport Publicité, the affair was carried out smoothly. “We came to an understanding, we appreciated each other,” says the buyer.

This company in the Loue area, in Montluçon, which sells sports and leisure clothing for clubs, businesses, associations and communities, as well as advertising objects and textiles, changed hands last September.

The buyer: a native of Montluçon

Richard Pokée does not withdraw completely. He will remain commercial director of the company for two years, to pass the baton under good conditions. “I did not want to hand over the keys of the company to a group that could have relocated the activity,” says Richard Pokée. Montluçonnais since always, 43 years old, sports enthusiast, Nicolas Godignon was the ideal candidate. After seventeen years in the family business, which owns eight Norauto franchised garages, he gave himself “the opportunity to do something else”.

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“What I like about this company is that the employee has been put at the center of the priorities. It’s a small team of six employees, but well structured and very competent, ”says Nicolas Godignon.

“I give him a healthy business”

Starting off with a “blank sheet” in 1992 when he was still a professional player at the EDSM (Étoile des sports montluçonnais), Richard Pokée raised his company to a turnover of just over 2 million dollars. ‘euros tax free in 2020. “I give him a healthy company, which has everything it takes to develop and no worries at the industrial tribunal, with banks or with customers. “

The adventure of the Olympics

One of its greatest successes is to have obtained in 2016 to supply the events organized by the city of Paris for the 2024 Olympic Games. It also supplies the Élysée and numerous communities all over France.

Surprisingly, it was in Allier that he had trouble breaking through, while he always wanted to keep his seat in the Bourbonnaise sub-prefecture. “Nicolas is recognized in Montluçon, this will allow us to reverse the trend,” he remarks. Well seen: since September and the arrival of Nicolas Godignon, partnerships have already been signed with the town hall of Montluçon and the Ovalie club Montluçon.

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Guillaume Bellavoine