November 27, 2021

In France, household morale deteriorates in October

The worry resurfaces. Household morale fell again in October, the French worrying more about their future financial situation and their future savings capacity, reported the National Institute of Statistics and Economic Studies (Insee) on Wednesday (October 27). . The synthetic indicator measuring this confidence fell back to 99, ie below its long-term average which is 100, and while it was at 101 in September, details INSEE.

In October, with inflation rising sharply and energy prices soaring, “The proportion of households who consider that the standard of living in France will improve over the next twelve months is declining”, notes INSEE in its press release.

“Prices will increase”

The share of households who consider that prices have increased in the last twelve months is “Very strong increase” and reached its highest level since 2012. “Households believing that prices will increase over the next twelve months are also more numerous in October”, specifies the press release.

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As a result, those who believe that their financial situation will deteriorate are more numerous and the proportion of households who plan to make major purchases is decreasing, even if it is still slightly above its long-term average. And the share of those who think that their future savings capacity will decrease sharply.

Regarding employment, the fear of unemployment continues to decrease sharply: this fear is “Far below its long-term average”.

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