November 27, 2021

Hunters kill two large deer in a forest in the Oise and cause general outrage

From animal protection activists to the local hunting federation, the scandal is widespread in the Oise after hunters killed L’Équerre and L’Araignée, two emblematic deer of the Laigue forest, one week away interval.

These days, the hunt finds itself in the midst of heavy fire in the news. On Monday, the summary judge of the Council of State suspended the authorizations for traditional bird hunting granted in mid-October by the executive. Suspension which aroused the ire of hunting associations.

On the other hand, in the Oise, the anger is on the side of the defenders of animals since hunters killed two large deer in the forest of Laigue, in the park of the castle of Francport near Compiègne and this, a week from interval. The scandal is even stain of oil: those responsible for the death of the two deer have been released by their colleagues.

The oldest deer in the forest

It was France 3 Hauts-de-France which reported the case on its site on Monday. Hunters first killed L’Équerre on October 9, then reserved the same fate on October 16 for L’Araignée. These two large deer, around ten years old, were also the oldest in the forest of Laigle.

From Sunday, the Collective for the Abolition of Hunting was moved on Twitter: “The last wonder of the Forest of Laigue (Compiègne) has just fallen under the bullets of the hunters during the slab! nature lovers … Hunters prefer it as a trophy. Lamentable “.

The event sparked a first national reaction. He thus pushed Yannick Jadot, the candidate nominated by environmentalists for the presidential election, to recall a campaign promise. “We will ban hunting with hounds! The destruction of beauty and of life cannot be a game, a hobby, a pleasure in a society that we want to be civilized, respectful of the living!” he said on Twitter Monday.

“Even some hunters don’t understand”

Beyond the debate on hunting with hounds, the incriminated hunters are accused of having exceeded the rules to be observed.

“It is no longer regulation, but extermination,” lamented Gaëtan Marin, wildlife photographer, with France 3. He remarked in passing: “Even some hunters do not understand!”

Indeed: the Federation of hunters of the Oise has distanced itself from the acts perpetrated in the forest of Laigue.

“These hunters did not respect the philosophy of the Federation”, according to its president Guy Harlé d’Ophove, who summed up the ethics in question with the site of the regional antenna of France television: “They took two large deer. They should have taken only one. “

However, the Federation of hunters of the Oise insisted that killing the two deer was not illegal. “You can have fun once by taking a large deer”, even added its president who clarified: “when there are several attributions, the others must be small deer”. But the latter guaranteed that measures would be taken against the perpetrators of the death of the two mammals: “Next year, we will reduce their hunting plan.”

Robin Verner BFMTV reporter