November 27, 2021

Her image used in adult videos, she speaks

Enora Malagré is the victim of unscrupulous Internet users who, thanks to deep-fake, have managed to use her image, adding it to ever more realistic pornographic videos.

The advancement of technology is undoubtedly very positive but it depends in which hands it ends up. Indeed, some resourceful Internet users have fun using current means to smear the image of certain personalities by making them play in spite of themselves in pornographic videos.

This is particularly the case of the former chronicler of TPMP, Enora Malagré, very touched by this situation.

Enora Malagré @DR

Videos that ulcerated Enora Malagré

Thursday, October 14, 2021, France 2 broadcast a new issue ofCorrespondent followed by Further investigation. The subject of the investigations carried out was that of pornographic montages. This is notably thanks to deep-fake, a technology used in particular in It’s Canteloup on TF1, that Internet users manage to make believe that a celebrity has shot a video for adults.

Enora Malagré is one of the victims of this scourge which does not fail to touch her. She doesn’t hesitate to talk about sexual assault.

I knew that there were photos of me that were a bit doctored in circulation. I’m used to being cyberstalked. I’m used to having a bit of a twisted, twisted image. But that, I discovered. Also with the shock that it causes. There, I found it of rare violence. I feel like I was sexually assaulted and I don’t think the word is overused.

she said on the show before adding:

There is something like that. Since my face is on a body. This body is having sex with someone. That I do not agree to. So I feel a deep attack on my dignity.

A complaint soon filed?

Confronted with the images of these famous doctored videos, Enora Malagré said she was still “very moved” when she saw them. She also plans to file a complaint against those who had fun using her image in this way.

I’ll talk to my shrink about it. I have the feeling that nevertheless at one point, I consider that it can be my body. We forget at one point, even I know it’s not my body. I forget pretty quickly that it’s not my body. And I assimilate this body as mine. So I take in this image of myself having sex with someone I don’t know, who isn’t consenting. So for me, it’s an assault.

We are wholeheartedly with Enora Malagré and hope that she wins her case.