November 28, 2021

Health pass deactivated without 3rd dose: from when? Who is concerned ? Point

From December 15, the rules change for some people if they want to continue to take advantage of the health pass. (© Lille Actu / Archives)

Faced with the resurgence of the Covid-19 epidemic in France, the vaccination of all remains more than ever the strategy favored by the government. During his televised address on Tuesday, November 9, 2021, Emmanuel Macron warned that the vaccine booster would soon be essential for those over 65 if they want to continue to benefit from the health pass.

From when exactly are these people at risk of having their health pass deactivated if they have not received a third dose ? How will the application of this measure go in practice? Could other categories of the population soon be concerned? We take stock.

Who is at risk of having their health pass deactivated?

At present, 51 million French people have received two doses of vaccine and are therefore considered to be fully vaccinated. But scientific studies show that six months after the vaccine, immunity decreases and the risk of developing a severe form of the disease increases again.

This is why a vaccination booster campaign, that is to say the injection of an additional dose, began at the end of the summer for all over 65 years of age, frail people, caregivers or still relatives of immunocompromised people. “We must now accelerate it”, declared the Head of State last week.

As the Minister of Health Olivier Véran clarified, only those over 65 will be required, from December 15, to justify a third dose of vaccine to extend the validity of their health pass.

This will also be the case for all the people who received the Janssen single dose vaccine.

What about so-called fragile people under the age of 65, those who suffer from obesity, cardiovascular disease, respiratory disease or severe diabetes? Asked about them by, the General Directorate of Health (DGS) indicates that they will not have their health pass deactivated in the absence of a booster dose.

If the booster is strongly recommended, the situations of immunocompromised people or those presenting health risks may justify an exchange with doctors and a case-by-case assessment which make mechanical integration into the health pass difficult. The administration of preventive treatment may, in some cases, be considered more appropriate than the administration of an additional dose of vaccine.

The General Directorate of Health (DGS)

From when exactly?

The rules relating to the health pass for people over 65 and those vaccinated with the Janssen will change from December 15th. But that does not mean that from that date, all these people will have their pass automatically deactivated if they have not done their reminder.

Thus, the DGS specifies: “From this date, people 65 years of age and over, and people vaccinated with Janssen, will have to have their recall, from the moment they are eligible (i.e. 6 months after their last injection for the first and 1 month for the second), and at the end of a period of 4 additional weeks maximum. »

To see more clearly, here are some concrete cases:

  • If you are over 65 and had your last dose of vaccine before May 17, you must have made your reminder by December 15 so that your pass is not deactivated, since you will have passed the 6-month deadlines by that date to be eligible for the booster and 4 weeks to carry out this recall.
  • If you are over 65 years of age and have had your last dose of vaccine after May 18, you must have your recall within a minimum of 6 months and a maximum of 4 weeks beyond, so as not to lose the benefit of your vaccination certificate.
  • If you have been vaccinated with Janssen and received your single dose before October 17, you must have made your reminder by December 15 so that your pass is not deactivated, since you will have passed by this date the 1 month deadlines to be eligible for the reminder and 4 weeks to complete this reminder.
  • If you received your Janssen vaccine single dose after October 18, you should have your booster back within a minimum of 1 month and a maximum of 4 weeks beyond.

Concretely, how will this happen?

Eligible individuals who have missed the time period specified above to receive their booster dose will see their health pass automatically deactivated 7 days after the deadline. “The pass is placed in the ‘expired certificate’ category and can no longer be used,” explains the DGS.

All people who call back will receive a new QR Code the day of the injection, but it will take seven days for it to become valid (a notification will be sent).

The previous pass will be deactivated five weeks after the eligibility date, so people who have received their booster dose “on time” will not be penalized.

Invalidated for all situations?

People who have not received their booster dose within the specified time will no longer have a valid vaccination certificate, but they will still be able to use their health pass to go to a restaurant, to the cinema, to the gym or to any event where it is required if they justify a negative result of a test, even if this option has been paid for since October 15.

On the other hand, the border pass is not affected by the mandatory recall at this point, so you will still be able to travel without this extra dose.

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