November 27, 2021

Haute-Vienne business trophies: the Oradour grocery store, Lux & Elles and Reviplast get involved

The People of the Center organizes, in collaboration with the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Haute-Vienne and Banque Populaire Aquitaine Center Atlantique and in partnership with the Nouvelle-Aquitaine region, Limoges Métropole, Medef and Engie, the fourth edition of the Trophées des entreprises of Haute-Vienne, which will take place Monday, December 6, 2021 at the Zénith in Limoges Métropole.

Fifteen companies were selected. A single trophy will be awarded in each of the five categories: “they shine”, “they innovate”, “they succeed”, “they engage” and “they launch themselves”.

This week, we present to you the three companies named in the category “they engage”. It is the Oradour grocery store in Oradour-sur-Glane, Lux & Elles in Limoges and Reviplast in Couzeix.

1- The Oradour grocery store supports the development of local producers

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It was in mid-December 2019 that Elisabeth and Laurent Geib opened an eco-responsible grocery store on avenue du 10-Juin-1944 in Oradour-sur-Glane.

An old-fashioned grocery store that offers 90% French products and for the most part without packaging. “We offer seasonal fruits and vegetables but also dairy products, dry products, hygiene and household products,” explains Élisabeth Geib. Our desire is to have healthy products, good for health and for the planet. “

Young business leaders had to face, shortly after the opening of their grocery store, the health crisis and the first confinement. Their economic model allowed them to pass the course without difficulty.

“We have found,” says Élisabeth Geib, “that our economic model was part of a territorial reality and a local economy that made sense. Throughout this period, we have never lacked for anything. We have always been able to offer our customers all fresh, dry, personal hygiene and household cleaning products without a single out of stock. “

An eco-responsible grocery store has opened in Oradour-sur-Glane [archive]

The secret of Oradour’s grocery store? Local supplies from around sixty producers from Haute-Vienne, 80 from Nouvelle-Aquitaine and around a hundred suppliers in France. “We strive to get as close as possible to our supply,” underlines Elisabeth Geib.

Laurent and Elisabeth Geib at L “Epicerie d’Oradour.
The Oradour grocery store compete for the Trophées des entreprises to demonstrate that its approach makes sense. “Meaning for us, for our partners and for our loyal customers,” explains Elisabeth Geib. We are part of an ecological approach with the minimum possible waste. Our approach supports the development of local producers and we hope that this will create vocations and promote outlets for products that are not yet available locally. “

Laurent and Élisabeth Geib were supported in their project by the support network for business creation BGE, Initiative Haute-Vienne, France Active and the Caisse d’Épargne. They created a Facebook page to communicate on their products and on topics related to ecology, healthy living and eating well. The grocery store in Oradour also organizes workshops with some of its local partners and shares seasonal recipes.

The Oradour grocery store now employs two people. She plans to recruit one person. In 2020, it achieved a turnover of 300,000 euros. Élisabeth and Laurent Geib also took over a set of buildings from Cieux to transform them into lodges to help people discover the territory and a different way of life.

2- People at the heart of the Lux & Elles project, a suitable company

After six years of procedures, Stéphanie Queyroi obtained her approval on February 14, 2020 to open her adapted company, Lux&Elles.

The company opened its doors a few days later, in full first confinement, on April 27, rue Ettore-Bugatti, in the north zone of Limoges, with three people. She now employs a dozen and plans to recruit three more.

“I hired women and men of all origins, of all age groups, mainly with disabilities,” explains the president of the company. Diversity, equality between men and women, and people in the broad sense are part of my values. »

Lux & Elles specializes in custom leather and textile work for major luxury brands. The company is as atypical as the profile of its multi-cap leader. Stéphanie Queyroi is also general secretary of the UPTHC, the textile, clothing and leather professional union and general secretary of the CPME (Confederation of small and medium-sized enterprises). And it was when she was in charge of a disability mission that the idea came to her.

“I didn’t know much or nothing about everything related to disability,” she recalls. I found it so unfortunate that people in general or entrepreneurs block in relation to a handicap x or y that I said to myself something must be done. »

Stéphanie Queyroi with part of the Lux & Elles team at the opening in April 2020 © Stéphane Lefèvre
Stéphanie Queyroi drew on her other experience to create Lux & Elles. She was commercial director of two adapted companies in Limoges. “This only drove the nail in my desire to continue to help and find economic solutions to all these people with disabilities who are left a little on the floor,” she says. In the company, Stéphanie Queyroi has imposed her style, gently. “I want the company to be a place of life, professional balance and a benevolent place,” she explains.

Lux & Elles, an adapted company created in Limoges in full confinement by an “atypical” boss …

This year 2021 Lux & Elles has refocused on its core business after having jointly produced inclusive masks during the health crisis. It has invested in new machines, with the support of the Nouvelle-Aquitaine region.

Stéphanie Queyroi participated from November 11 to 14 in the Made in France fair in Paris. “I made several promising contacts on the leather part, she confides. And on the textile part, we try to play our role as a small, reactive and creative workshop to manufacture small series for young designers who cannot work with the big manufacturers and who are starting to come to us ”

Lux & Elles was created on March 3, 2020 in Limoges. It employs 12 people and plans to recruit three more.

3- Reviplast has been recovering and recycling plastic for thirteen years

Reviplast, created in 2008 is a company specializing in the recovery, recycling and trading of waste plastic raw materials. Based in Couzeix, it processes nearly 6,000 tonnes of plastic waste per year with around twenty employees.

“Reviplast was the first company in the Nouvelle-Aquitaine region to recycle plastic waste, when all our colleagues buried it, at best incinerated it,” recalls Thierry Dufourcq, President of Reviplast. Since then, we have been collecting and recycling plastic waste from 150 companies and around 100 communities. Today, it seems obvious, but thirteen years ago, it was a real challenge to get companies sorted. »

Reviplast continues to grow and invest. Concerned about the well-being of its employees and the protection of the environment, the company is equipped with ever more efficient machines and tools. ” For example, we have just invested in a feeding belt that improves the comfort of our employees and increases our production., specifies Thierry Dufourcq.

Thierry Dufourcq created Reviplast in 2008 in Limoges before settling in Couzeix. © Photo Brigitte Azzopard
To develop, Reviplast joined the Pena group a year ago, specializes in the collection and recycling of industrial and household waste in Bordeaux. This enabled the Haut-Viennese company to accentuate its development in the promising and future market of plastic recycling.

“Thanks to this partnership, we were able to create a new recycling line in Mérignac to process new plastics,” says Thierry Dufourcq. The line deals in particular with plastics from mixed small appliances, PAM, and waste electrical and electronic equipment, DEE, with an investment of more than 2 million euros and more innovative technologies. “

Concerned about environmental and social standards, Reviplast obtained ISO 14001 certification in March 2021. The company favors local players: 90% of its suppliers are national and 75% are local.

In partnership with the academy of Limoges, Reviplast has created a CAP training (certificate of professional aptitude), dedicated to teaching the cleanliness of the urban environment, collection and recycling (PEUCR). Located in Limoges, at the CFA Académie du Limousin, this training course allows you to learn the professions of reception agent, waste weighing and registration agent, dismantling tri-operator, machine operator. , press, shears, cleaning agent of public space.

“We have also set up an anti-discrimination policy, adds Thierry Dufourcq. We employ people with disabilities, apprenticeships, work-study programs and pave the way for professional integration. ”

Reviplast was created on July 1, 2008. It employs around twenty people and continues to recruit. In 2020, it achieved a turnover of more than 2 million euros. 100% of this turnover is redistributed in France, 72% locally. 74% of this turnover is redistributed for the benefit of sustainable development.

You wish to participate in the evening of the Trophées des entreprises de la Haute-Vienne on Monday 6 December at the Zénith in Limoges Métropole? You can register easily by clicking on this link.

Anne-Sophie Pédegert