November 28, 2021

Hamraoui affair: the Eric Abidal track dug after a revelation by Aminata Diallo?

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The soap opera of the aggression of Kheira Hamraoui, the PSG player, on November 5, continues to rebound. While the long-discussed thesis of sporting rivalry, which led to suspicion about Aminata Diallo, Hamraoui’s partner and friend in Paris, has finally been dismissed, the affair has rebounded since yesterday and the announcement of Eric’s probable summons Abidal, the former sports director of Barça, former Hamraoui club.

The police would indeed now dig the trail of a private affair involving Hamraoui, Abidal and his entourage and the hypothesis of a revenge of the entourage which would nevertheless be only one “track among others”. The link between Eric Abidal comes in particular from the fact that the chip of Kheira Hamraoui’s phone would be in the name of the former player and leader of Barça. But not only…

Diallo mentioned Abidal’s name in police custody

Indeed, the Team reveals that it was during Aminata Diallo’s custody that all eyes began to be on Abidal. “Aminata Diallo would have directed the police to a private dispute for the motive of this attack. The latter, to support his statements, would have specified in particular that Eric Abidal would have called Kheira Hamraoui (…) the day after his attack ”. A call, heard according to the daily by other players, during which Hamraoui would have even asked Eric Abidal if “his wife would be able to hurt him”. Hypothesis refuted by the former Barcelona leader …

to summarize

The case of the aggression of Kheira Hamraoui took a new turn last night with the announcement of the probable summons of Eric Abidal in the file. A name that would have come out … on the occasion of Aminata Diallo’s custody.