November 30, 2021

Halloween character – the trending costumes of 2021

There are of course timeless Halloween costumes that would be more or less still relevant today. This is the case with witches, ghosts, vampires and other creatures inhabiting the evil universe. But if you’d really like to stand out from the crowd of overused and somewhat boring characters, there are some so-called ‘trending’ Halloween characters every year. Inspired by recent films and television series, looks of cult celebrities, the latter charge terrifying evenings with originality. So find our top 10 Halloween character ideas and costumes to adopt this year.

Young ladies who fall for pop culture probably know the name of the young singer. Having become very popular this past year, Olivia Rodrigo, former star of the Disney channel, began her musical career at the top of the music charts. In addition to her voice, she also wins her followers for her unique style and her very original looks that stand out from the crowd. Among them, the cheerleader outfit she wears in the official video for her song “Good for U”. Imbued with a certain nostalgia for the 90s, the ensemble is not the most difficult to compose. You need black satin gloves, a cheerleader uniform, pom poms and a few colorful mini pliers. Either way, you could steal Olivia’s idea of ​​the look she adopted on the cover of her debut album “Sour”, where she appeared with flashy, colorful stickers on her face.

The costume « cheerleader » d’Olivia Rodrigo

An unusual look to appear original

olivia rodrigo face decorated with stickers simple and chic halloween costume idea

Daphne Bridgerton from the famous Bridgerton series

Named the most popular series in Netflix history earlier this year, “The Bridgerton Chronicles” is sure to inspire our Halloween outfits. Apart from the interest of the plot, it is very difficult not to fall under the spell of the settings and the outfits of the London aristocracy. So if you’ve always dreamed of appearing in one of those elegant long dresses from the early 19th century, you’ve finally got the chance. The dress that the character wears during his first dance with the Duke of Hastings, is undoubtedly one of the ideas to be piqued. Pair a pastel blue dress with transparent tulle sleeves or opt for a model with a short sleeve and long white satin gloves. Other characters to recreate for Halloween are Queen Charlotte, the Featherington sisters or the Duke himself.

Daphne Bridgerton’s aristocratic look

daphne bridgerton halloween costume idea vintage woman television series costume

The Featherington Sisters

bridgerton sisters adult halloween costume colorful flower dress

Queen charlotte

halloween character bridgerton queen charlotte costume vintage dress royal fashion

Cruella d’Enfer in 2021 version, more stylish than ever

The Cruella of 2021 is presented as a true fashion icon, which significantly enriches the style of the character of the first film version released in 1961. The black and white outfit and the iconic fur coat are still present, except that magnified and more original than ever. The two looks that we offer you to recreate are the all black (with black leather jacket and black skirt) and the look in a dark red dress, completed with a black mask. Make-up and hairstyle also play an essential role. If you haven’t already succumbed to the two-tone hair trend, find yourself a wig. Next, treat the face makeup – pale shade, red lipstick, eyeshadows in black and dark gray tones, mascara and pencil in the same shades.

Cruella d’Enfer look all black or all red

movie character costume woman leather jacket and black pants halloween party 2021

cruella costume 2021 original halloween costume model in long red dress with two-tone hair.jpg large

The Harley Quinn look from Suicide Squad 2

Did you miss Harley Quinn? A few years ago, with the appearance of Suicide Squad 1, the character quickly won hearts with his sincerity, eccentricity and feminine fatality. This resulted in unheard of interest in Harley Quinn is her harlequin appearance. A wave of Halloween looks inspired by the famous character followed, given the great popularity and ease of playing him. But if the woman of a few years ago had a fondness for pastel hair, tight mini-shorts and a blue and red top, her recent style says goodbye. The chromatic scale turns towards shades of red and black. The hair ends are adorned with these two shades and the clothing ensemble is replaced by a long red ruffled dress. Pale white skin, red lipstick, black makeup around the eyes, nothing too fancy.

Harley Quinn of the year 2016 or 2021 – the choice is yours

margot robbie harley quinn costume 2016 idee costume halloween femme mini shorts jacket blue and red

example harley quinn halloween character in red dress ruffle black and white hair

Casa de papel costume – a simple red outfit

If you would like to organize an unusual Halloween party, what could be better than choosing a Casa de Papel theme. Favorite series of the French, such a masked party idea will appeal to everyone. It is also ultra easy to recreate and not as tight on budget. All you need to do is get a red jumpsuit, a Dali mask, a dummy submachine gun. The evening would be very entertaining if you played on the anonymity of the guests. Several fun activities could also result.

A super terrifying outfit and super easy to adopt – the characters of Casa de Papel

casa de papel original halloween costume in red with hoods and masks

casa de papel costume idea with red costumes and masks

Cinderella and other Disney Princesses

The recent (umpteenth) film adaptation of the famous tale by Charles Perrault, has again aroused interest in the magical universe. The fact that the main role is played by a celebrity of the rank of Camilla Cabello, makes the character even more tempting. Look Cinderella in a vintage maid dress, or a glamorous dress to make you look like a real princess – the choice is yours! You could practically be your favorite Disney princess, without even matching a lavish outfit. Sometimes pairing the right clothing colors with accessories suggesting the character would be enough to sport a chic and modern princess appearance, as is the case with the ideas presented below.

Turn into a real princess for Halloween

camilla cabello cinderella 2021 disney princess halloween costume

cinderella costume ideas original halloween costume long sumptuous dress

Contemporary princess outfits composed with everyday clothes

homemade halloween costume dress other disney princess everyday clothes

Gossip Girl 2021 character

Those who lived their youth in the 2000s may remember the cult series Gossip Girl. Returning this year, the series features a whole new cast of young actors and actresses, whose dress style is no less noticed. Nevertheless, it is of course a question of adapting the “preppy” outfits to the taste of a Generation Z which has its own style. Think oversized button-up shirts, micro mini skirts and knee high boots.

Gossip Girl 2021 outfit – get inspired by one of these contemporary preppy looks

Chic Teenage Clothes Ideas For Halloween Chic Gossip Girl 2021

Wanda Maximoff’s outfits from WandaVision

If you’ve been following this Marvel miniseries released by Disney Plus, you’ve no doubt noticed the wealth of outfits worn by main character Wanda Maximoff. Each of these visions would make for a perfect Halloween look. And yet, arguably the most interesting to adopt is the outfit featured in the Halloween episode, where the character dresses up as a vintage version of Scarlet Witch – another Marvel superhero. These vintage looks from the 50s and 70s are also worth considering. The outfit consists of a cape, gloves, hair accessories and jumpsuit in the same red color, accessorized with pink tights. Better to buy the whole set from a costume store, but if you have the time, why not try creating it on your own.

Adopt Wanda Maximoff’s Halloween costume

halloween character original halloween costume cape gloves red tank top