November 30, 2021

Grand Corps Malade commits to a real estate project in Velleron

“I’m not doing this for myself but this fight is noble”, explains Fabien Marsaud alias Grand Corps Malade in front of the town hall of Velleron this Tuesday, October 26. He settled in the village three years ago, so if he does not feel 100% legitimate, but he considers that the subdivision project on the land of the Grande Bastide is “madness” and seems “disproportionate” for a municipality of only 3000 inhabitants. A welcome support for the mayor, Philippe Armengol who feels isolated and little listened to by state services. “Fabien’s intervention allows for greater media coverage”, he exposes with regret at having no other solution.

Mobilization hardens

A “zone to defend” sign has been installed in front of the accesses to the site. © Radio France
Julia beaufils

In addition to the presence of this celebrity and his light, the activists of the defense collective of the Grande Bastide have stepped up the mobilization actions. This Tuesday, October 26 in the early morning, several members and residents tried to block access to the site. Operation almost successful since only one excavator was able to enter the area. Sam got up early and proudly sported his hummingbird t-shirt. “I could not prevent the machine but the objective is to enforce the municipal decree of the mayor which prohibits this path for heavy goods vehicles”, he explains determined. Another activist stresses that the mobilization is changing shape and that a permanent occupation of the edge of the field is emerging. Would Velleron be the new “zone to defend” or ZAD in Vaucluse?

The developer believes “to have done everything according to the rules”

On the side of the company responsible for the development, it is not clear why the mobilization is taking place now. The president of the Hectare company, Guilhem Portales, believes that these actions “arrive too late”. _”_We have obtained the building permits legally, the environmental studies have been validated. If I had validated the permits myself, it was okay, except that the file was properly investigated “, underlines Guilhem Portales. He adds that he tried to dialogue with the new town hall without succeeding in finding common ground. On the other hand, it shows the firm intention to go to the end of the project so that this situation does not create any case law.