November 27, 2021

Gourvennec unearths a beautiful anecdote on Tapie

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Since Sunday and the announcement of his death by his family, tributes have been pouring in to remind us of how special Bernard Tapie was. LOSC coach Jocelyn Gourvennec has not cut it. After his team’s victory over OM (2-0), the Breton expressed his admiration for the former Marseille president who, he revealed, sought to recruit him when he was starting his career. career at Stade Rennais. Which, between his professional beginnings and the end of Tapie’s mandate at OM, places the scene between 1991 and 1994.

“I remember a phone call from him when I was a young player for Rennes. He wanted me to play for OM. I was very surprised to have him on the phone, I thought it was incredible. He was very positive, he gave me a lot of compliments, I think he wanted to seduce me to come. I stayed in Rennes because it was the start of my career and I was not ready to go to a club like Marseille. I left there later, at the age of 26, after having gained experience in Nantes. I keep the image of him as a true leader, who took a whole generation with him. A puncher, who was successful in what he undertook. “

When Tapie wanted to recruit Gourvennec to OM

Now LOSC coach, Jocelyn Gourvennec began his career at Stade Rennais in 1991. It was at that time that he received a phone call from Bernard Tapie to try to get him to come to OM. But the Breton did not consider himself ready yet.