November 29, 2021

Gérald Darmanin’s reminder to the police

It is express after-sales service. Thursday, October 21, the day after a telegram was sent to the prefects specifying good practices in collecting and processing complaints of violence against women and domestic violence, the Minister of the Interior visited police stations and gendarmeries. du Vaucluse to ensure that the message had been received. And put, says his entourage, “Healthy pressure” on services. On the same day, the content of this document, with a somewhat directive tone and co-signed by Marlène Schiappa, Minister Delegate in charge of Citizenship, had opportunely leaked into several media. Objective assigned to police and gendarmes: “Continue the effort (…) whatever the circumstances of the facts “. For this, eight recommendations which recall above all previous instructions or provisions already in force, such as the ban on handrails, the compulsory reception of any third person accompanying the victim or the gynecological examination. “Systematically considered” in cases of sexual abuse. In short, such a list testifies above all to the persistence of the considerable difficulties experienced by certain victims when they intend to file a complaint.

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Throughout a marathon day, from the Avignon police station to that of Carpentras and in two gendarmeries, Gérald Darmanin practiced a kind of pedagogy by hammering, subjecting his various interlocutors to a rolling fire of questions, tirelessly repeated from one place to another: “If a victim shows up at 2 am, who receives them? “, “Are they informed of their rights, the victims?” “,” And the prosecution, it follows? “ Unsurprisingly, the police ensure that everything takes place in strict compliance with the texts. “Here, we don’t really see any problem”, says an official. ” However, pretends to wonder the minister in front of the six members of the Avignon family protection group, it is not forbidden to think that this happens in some police stations, right? “

Mine clearance operation

For the minister, such a demining operation became essential while hundreds of testimonies gathered under the hashtag #DoublePeine have criticized for nearly a month bad and persistent police practices in terms of collecting and processing complaints of violence made to women, yet decreed the great cause of the five-year term. Hence the energetic telegram, coupled with a visit to specialized services, steps considered as soon as the column “We must put an end to the hazard of filing a complaint” in Sunday Newspaper, October 9. In this text, a hundred lawyers, a very large majority of whom were women, called for a “Immediate national awareness” facing the case of ” many “ victims “Whose complaint is not received” or is only after “A long wait, awkward remarks or the impossibility of being immediately examined by the medico-judicial units”. The editors also pointed to a loophole in the law, which evokes the possibility for a victim to be accompanied by a third person of full age but does not expressly enshrine the right to be assisted by a lawyer – a mention entered since Wednesday in the bill on confidence in justice.

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