November 29, 2021

French team – Éloi Pélissier: “Proud that my sport is taking a big step forward” – Rugby à XIII

Recent winner of the Championship with Toulouse, Eloi Pélissier answered our questions. The international hooker looks back on the great season for the Olympians and talks about the shock against England.

Eloi, what feeling dominates after the title and the accession to the Super League?

A feeling of pride, proud that my sport is taking a big step forward, proud for this club and also a personal pride.

The first half against Batley was average and we have the feeling that it served you for the final which you started very well. Did you discuss this during the week between the two matches?

Yes, we talked a lot about the first half against Batley which was not good and we rectified the situation because otherwise it would have been complicated in the final.

Did you ever doubt at one point in this final?

Never doubted even if we almost complicated the match, but we recovered well.

You have won all the matches this season, how do you analyze your career?

An exceptional, exemplary course. In machine mode to achieve our goal.

Personally, what is your assessment of this season?

It’s never easy to arrive at a new club, but gradually I took my marks with my new friends and then today I feel really good in this club and this group with this way of playing rugby which Correspond to me.

The Super League is already tomorrow, do you feel that the club is ready for that?

Toulouse has everything to be a great club. There is enormous potential (economically, infrastructure, number of spectators, etc.) so we have to get even harder to work and achieve something great TOgether.

Before that there is a France England, how do you see this match?

This is the opportunity to continue to dream and show rugby 13 because with the dragons and Toulouse who are dreaming this year and now it is with the France team that we will have to do it on Saturday. It will be very hard, we know, but the 17 who will be on the ground will give their body to science that day to offer the best of oppositions.

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