November 29, 2021

Frank Turner reveals his reconciliation with a separated trans parent

Frank Turner dedicated a song to his parent, who is a transgender woman (Photo: PA)

Singer-songwriter Frank Turner reconnected with his ex-parent after 10 years, following their transition from male to female.

Originally, the couple fell out over issues of infidelity and abandonment, but they are in the process of rebuilding their relationship.

After having had virtually no contact for nearly a decade, Turner, 39, has now dedicated a song to his parents, simply titled Miranda.

The lyrics to the rock track, which tells the story of the couple’s reconciliation, read: “My dad’s name is Miranda these days, he’s a proud transgender woman and my resentment has started to fade. “

The honest and hopeful lyrics come after Turner first met Miranda in 2018,

He told the Guardian: “I immediately felt that he was a much more considerate person.

Turner had no contact with his parents for almost a decade (Photo: Ferdy Damman / EPA -. / Shutterstock)

“Miranda is a really nice person, my dad wasn’t. “

This isn’t the first time the prolific songwriter has written a track for a parent, as her 2019 song Rosemary Jane was dedicated to her mother.

The musician congratulates his mother for keeping the family together despite a husband “who died for himself and died for everyone else,” lyrics that contrast sharply with the loving lyrics written for Miranda.

Turner began to resent his father after being sent to residential school at the age of eight, which he found “extremely traumatic” and caused him to self-harm.

He later quarreled with his father over his tattoos and his punk lifestyle and cut ties completely following his father’s infidelity.

Miranda has also joined Turner on tour (Photo: Lukas Rauch)

They didn’t speak for nine years, and Turner confessed to his wife, “I wouldn’t go to my father’s funeral if he died. “

They only began to rebuild their relationship after the death of Turner’s uncle, who arranged a reconciliation for them in 2018.

The music star says the story is “long and complicated” and it’s not yet something he feels capable of discussing publicly, but he immediately welcomed the change in personality.

He said Miranda is “really fun, really talkative and she cares.”

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“She cares about who I am and what I do, which my dad never was at all. It will always be a work in progress, but we are doing well, ”he said.

Miranda has also joined Turner on tour, and her song will be among the 17 tracks on her upcoming album, FTHC (an acronym for Frank Turner Hardcore).

Her ninth studio album was released on February 11, 2022.

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