November 28, 2021

Four relatives of ultra-right conspirator Rémy Daillet in custody for plans for violent action

Four men close to Rémy Daillet, a figure in ultra-right conspiracy circles, were taken into custody on Tuesday, October 5, at the request of an anti-terrorism investigating judge, a judicial source announced to Agence France-Presse ( AFP). They are suspected of plans for violent action.

Confirming information from BFM-TV, this source explained that three of the four men, aged 43 to 69, were arrested Tuesday morning by police officers from the General Directorate of Internal Security (DGSI) in the Hautes-Pyrénées, the Meuse and the Hauts-de-Seine, while a fourth was already imprisoned in the case of the kidnapping of little Mia – which had occurred in April in the Vosges. One of the other arrested is also indicted in the Mia file and two of the arrested are former soldiers, said the same source.

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These arrests were carried out within the framework of the “Honor and nation” case, investigated by anti-terrorism judges in Paris, and in which three people were indicted in early May and five others on September 24, all for “association of criminal terrorist perpetrators ”. These eight people are suspected of having prepared violent action against a Masonic lodge, but they also targeted, according to a source close to the investigation, other unspecified targets, such as vaccination centers, personalities or journalists.

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Vaccination centers against Covid-19 targeted

Those arrested on Tuesday had, according to BFM-TV, plans to “Anti-Covid vaccination centers”. A source familiar with the matter told AFP a “Multitude of violent action projects, targeting institutional sites, vaccination centers, 5G antennas …” Since 2017, six investigations linked to plans for ultra-right attacks have been opened by the anti-terrorism prosecution. One of them, targeting a small group called OAS, has already resulted in the dismissal of six people for correctional purposes. Their trial is underway in Paris.

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Rémy Daillet, a figure in conspiratorial circles and suspected of being involved in the kidnapping of little Mia, in April, in the Vosges, was indicted in mid-June, in particular for complicity in the kidnapping of a minor from 15 years in an organized gang. He was remanded in custody. The girl was staying with her grandmother when she was kidnapped by several men, at the request of the mother of the child who no longer had custody and was no longer allowed to see her alone. The child and his mother were found five days later in Switzerland.

In a video posted online after the kidnapping, Rémy Daillet had tried to justify himself and, without mentioning Mia by name, he had refuted the term kidnapping. In other older videos, this former MoDem executive – from which he was expelled in 2010 – supported the idea of ​​a popular coup and said he was opposed to taxes, vaccines, wearing a mask or 5G.

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