November 27, 2021

“Forget me”: Wejdene ready to end her career with her loss at Dancing with the Stars?

After his elimination from Dancing with the Stars on Saturday, Wejdene posted a series of cryptic messages.

Usually very active on social networks, Anissa’s interpreter has been very discreet since leaving the competition and even deleted all of her photos on Instagram this Sunday, October 24, 2021.

Only one post has since been visible on his account, simply stating: “It was cool, but forget me”. “My health is priceless. My tour will be the only one, ”Wejdene also wrote in a story published some time later. A very mysterious message that leaves doubt as to the rest of her singing career. What happened is the question that torments his fans.

Bad agreement with his dancer?

After her elimination from DALS, Wejdene seemed serene: “I had wonderful weeks in DALS. I learned a lot of things and I would say that I grew a little bit because I learned to take on myself, to be patient and to dance, which I did not know how to do at all. I discovered a little potential “, she had declared live on the show, before thanking her partner Samuel Texier, for” his wisdom, his tenderness and his benevolence “. “I think we should also congratulate him because he is a good person. He’s super strong and he deserves his place here, ”she added.

Wejdene then left the TF1 set at midnight which had already raised questions from viewers, some imagining that she had left the show angry. The youngest DALS candidate, aged only 17, wanted to justify her departure on Twitter, simply explaining that she was “underage” and under French law surrounding live television broadcasts, she could not not be on the set after midnight.

Was Wejdene’s understanding with her dancer Samuel Texier as good as she said? According to Cyril Hanouna Wejdene was in fact in conflict with his partner. “There was a clash on Tuesday, she left behind the scenes, because he criticized her for being passive and no longer wanting to play the game. She went to complain to the production …”, explained the star host of C8.

Cold with his partner, Wejdene would have asked to leave the program also believes to know the magazine Public. “Wejdene would have asked the production to leave the program, which would explain the choice (therefore oriented) of the jury. (…) The singer was exhausted. The very sustained rhythm of the repetitions would have got the better of her state of health and she thus became unable to keep pace. ”

Besides fatigue, Wejdene was also reportedly unhappy with her media treatment on the show. “She would have been furious not to be one of the” favorites “: according to her, Tayc and Bilal Hassani in particular are much more highlighted…. which she would not have endured over the weeks, ”also affirms Public.

“It was cool, but forget me”, first indicated the young woman, before specifying that her tour “will be the only one”. “My health is priceless,” says the one who was hospitalized a few months ago.

“Mental health before business is my biggest success, but my story is not over” (sic), for his part, his producer Feuneu would know, reports Oh! MyMag.

It remains to be seen whether the singer’s decision to walk away will be final. Unless all of this is ultimately just a comedy, as his fans still hope.