November 30, 2021

For Ridley Scott, superhero movies are no good!

Known for making a number of films, Ridley Scott thinks superhero movies are boring now.

The success of the director is undeniable with a long career that is still in progress. But his latest comments on superhero movies will surely divide audiences.

Ridley Scott doesn’t mince words against superhero movies

During a interview with the American site Deadline Regarding his next projects, Ridley Scott changed the discussion to suddenly talk about superheroes.

And the filmmaker has some difficulty in find positive points about them. “They’re boring as hell,” he says in the interview, regarding feature films these days. “Their scenarios are not at all good.”

“I think I made three great superhero movies,” he continued, speaking Alien, Gladiator and Blade Runner. Obviously, none of these scenarios show any character with cloak and super powers. The filmmaker was therefore referring to the battles against the forces of evil, or even to scenes centered on invincible protagonists, like Ellen Ripley in Alien.

Why this brutal statement?

Ridley Scott provided more explanation after bringing up these shocking ideas. “So why don’t superhero movies have better stories? He wondered. “They are mainly saved by special effects He answered his own question. “And it gets boring for anyone who works with special effects, if you have the money.” “

Either way, Ridley Scott is not unique in his position, if one refers to other directors who have voiced equally derogatory remarks about the Marvel films.

For example, the director of Dune, Denis Villeneuvedescribed the Marvel movies as “nothing more than copy and paste movies.” Martin Scorsese also made headlines in October 2019, when he called them ‘not cinema’.