November 29, 2021

Football: Patrice Evra reveals having been the victim of sexual assault

Patrice Evra, a former French international footballer, has revealed that he was sexually assaulted at the age of 13.

Now retired from football, the former Manchester United defender touched on this part of his life in an interview with the Times. «I no longer want the children who went through the same thing as me to be ashamed», did he declare.

In his autobiography «I Love This Game», which will appear on October 28, Patrice Evra says he was sexually assaulted by one of his teachers. The latter had offered to host him to avoid the future footballer going back and forth between his town of Ulis (Essonne) and his college.

“He thought I was sleeping, and he ran his hands under my blanket and tried to touch me», Patrice Evra explained to Times. «I knew it was wrong, so I tried to push it away (…) Çit could last ten or fifteen minutes, like a fight. He wasn’t kidding, he was trying at all costs to take my pants off (…) he touched himself and the situation sexually aroused him (…) The last night at his place, before I returned to my family , he succeeded. He put my penis in his mouth.»

Patrice Evra has remained silent for several years. He said he was contacted about this man by the police after a report of other children, while playing for AS Monaco. He had at the time denied the facts because he was ashamed.

Now 40 years old, the former captain of the Blues has not yet made a decision regarding possible legal proceedings.