November 27, 2021

Film moto : Diablo – The Ultimate Race

R1, Fireblade, Xdiavel, RC8R…

An action film by Michal Otlowski and Daniel Markowicz

Film moto : Diablo - The Ultimate RaceDiablo : The Ultimate Race is a Polish action film directed by Michal Otlowski and Daniel Markowicz in the tradition of modern car films, such as the first installments of the Fast & Furious saga where illegal racing and local mafia mingle.


Kuba tries to make a quick buck to help his very sick little sister by participating in illegal car races. But when his talent behind the wheel causes a local mobster to lose a very big bet, he finds himself confronted with the criminal world and must learn to survive.

Technical sheet and casting

  • Directors : Michal Otlowski, Daniel Markowicz
  • Tomasz Wlosok: Kuba
  • Karolina Szymczak: Ewa
  • Cezary Pazura: Jarosz
  • Mikolaj Roznerski: How
  • Rafal Mohr : Max
  • Duration : 1h36
  • Release date : 23 mars 2021

Motorcycles from the movie

Diablo essentially revolves around the car and only stages chases on four wheels. But the protagonists of the film regularly appear on motorcycles and we can say that the choice is not lacking. Ducati XDiavel, Yamaha YZF-R1, Harley chopper, Harley-Davidson Fat Bob 114 or Honda CBR1000RR Fireblade are some of the models that we can cross. As for our hero Kuba, it is first on a delivery scooter that he is illustrated before we find him later on the handlebars of a KTM RC8R.

We meet many motorcycles, including these Harley Fat Bob and chopperisée
We meet many motorcycles, including these Harley Fat Bob and chopperise

Diablo: The Ultimate Race Trailer

Where to watch the film?

In France, this film, made in 2019, did not have the right to a theatrical release and was therefore released directly on video in spring 2021. It is available on DVD for a dozen euros, on Blu-Ray around 15 euros as well. than in rental from 2.99 euros on VOD platforms.

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