November 28, 2021

Fabrice Éboué’s three favorite gore movies

In his latest film “Barbaque”, in theaters this Wednesday, October 27, Fabrice Eboué, alongside Marina Foïs, encamp two butchers whose lives will change after the accident murder of a vegan activist who attacked their shop. Together, they will develop, with what it takes of bloody scenes and a little trash, a parallel trade in these human remains, under the name of Iranian pig, which will bring them glory and success. But until when ?

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Fan of parody productions since his adolescence and of gore cinema, a horror sub-genre, Fabrice Eboué confides in front of the camera on the films which inspired him to make “Barbaque”, forbidden to children under twelve.

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To discover in our video interview below:

Obviously, the classic “It happened near you » produced in black and white by Rémy Belvaux, André Bonzel and Benoît Poelvoorde in 1992, where we follow in a mock documentary the peregrinations of a serial killer.

Follow “Bad Taste”, director Peter Jackson’s first feature film (“The Lord of the Rings”) released in 1987. Despite its small budget of $ 25,000, this bizarre work telling the story of the invasion of a small New Zealand village by aliens who came to “harvest” humans for their fast food chain is a hemoglobin digest and one of the first so-called zombie films.

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In addition, a great fan of battle scenes, Fabrice Éboué remembers the first time he discovered the ultimate fight of “the wild Horde” carried out by Sam Peckinpah in 1969. Where the hundreds of deaths on the screen combine to the rhythm of submachine gun bullets and other pistols.