November 28, 2021

Even in yellow, the new Yamaha TMAX 2022 scooter impresses again and again, despite a high price

The Yamaha TMAX appeared in 2001 by inventing a new category of two-wheelers: that of maxi-scooters, these hybrid machines between motorcycle and scooter of more than 125 cm3 capable of traveling at 160 km / h. Originally released in 500 cm3, before moving to 530 cm3, then to 560 cm3 last year, the twin-cylinder 47.5 hp engine offers more and more pleasure and now complies with strict Euro emission standards. 5. Yamaha has therefore redesigned the bodywork of its bestseller in small touches so as not to unsettle its loyal European customers. But then how to recognize the 2022 version in circulation? Firstly thanks to its yellow color “Extreme Yellow” which recalls the yellow of the very first TMAX in 2001, but also thanks to its new front face with double LED optical unit, without forgetting the new windscreen, quieter and more protective. which even offers electric control on the top of the range Tech MAX version.

The chassis part of the TMAX also evolves with its inverted 41 mm fork and a rear shock absorber with rods, better supported by the latest generation Bridgestone tires. The pilots will appreciate the new driving position offered by the saddle, with the pilot backrest adjustable from front to back on 30 mm, and especially narrower at the level of the thighs which makes it easier to put the feet on the ground. In keeping with the times, the new 7-inch full-color TFT dashboard display offers full connectivity as standard via Bluetooth, Wi-Fi or the USB port hidden in the waterproof front compartment. The latter even has a smartphone holder which, once connected, is controlled by a joystick and a home button on the left grip of the new forged aluminum handlebars.

If this left control is useful for changing the music in your playlist, true TMAX enthusiasts much prefer to listen to the sound of the engine so characteristic and recognizable by its exhaust noise. However, the manufacturer insists on “the distinctive tone which accentuates the pleasure of driving and creates a direct connection between the pilot and the engine”, and Yamaha even adds that “the attention has been paid to creating a sound harmony that complements and enhances the sporty character of the TMAX: a clear and deep sound transmitting a feeling of power at low revs, while the intensity increases with the throttle (ride-by-wire), for an exhilarating and satisfying ride whatever the allure. ” In short, the first owners will know how to let you know that they have bought the new TMAX, especially since they will want to show off their machine at a price at least as expensive as the old one, therefore around 15,000 euros.

The new LED optical unit illuminates better and the new screen is more protective.

The speedometer is a 7 inch color screen.

The new inverted fork is more incisive.

The exhaust retains a characteristic sound.

The TMAX always gives its pilot a crazy look.