November 29, 2021

Eure. To play sports, dogs also have their room

Stéphanie Maufroy opened the room with her husband Pascal. She trains here with one of her dogs, Oudja, Australian Shepherd. (© FL / Eure Infos La Dépêche)

It is a kind of little paradise for dogs athletes, and their masters. A place that we see little in France (we would identify only four or five), and not at all in this form. “We are the only ones in France to have a marquee,” notes Stéphanie Maufroy.

With her husband Pascal, the inhabitant of Corneuil, in the new town of Chambois (Your), opened a dog sports hall, Liberty hall dog and sport. Because bipeds are not the only ones who like to exercise. Our four-legged friends too.

Except that the time – whether it is doing or passing – does not always allow it. Hence the idea of ​​the couple. “We have been practicing agility for several years, in our garden and in a club. You can do it at home, except that you need a large enough garden, equipment, and the weather is not always favorable. We had wanted for a long time to have a room and to make it our profession. As we both work, we had the idea of ​​the rental ”, explains the manager.

Many disciplines

The property found, the couple installed a large modular room, 800 m2, respecting the regulatory dimensions to practiceagility (40 × 20 m). This practice which trains the dog and his master on a course full of obstacles (hurdles, tunnels, slalom, catwalk, seesaw, etc.) is the flagship discipline of regulars in the hall.

But Stéphanie and Pascal Maufroy allow their clients to practice many other sports or activities: obedience, hooper – “a new discipline close to agility, for puppies or old dogs” -, frisbee, dog dancing (yes, yes, dancing with his dog), or the treiball. “A recent activity to train sheep dogs, who have to bring back gymnastic balls for a football goal,” explains the Corneuillaise.

The room is equipped to practice several sports with your animal.
The room is equipped to practice several sports with your animal.

The room also has proprioception equipment to physically train sport dogs (canicross, cani-VTT, agility).

The Maufroys worked with a canine osteopath on their project. Shock absorbing tiles were thus laid for the synthetic turf, so as not to traumatize the animals.

In full autonomy

Open at the beginning of August 2021, the dog sports hall is starting to find its audience, who sometimes do not hesitate to travel many kilometers to come. Once the reservation of a slot by the hour and the payment made online, a QR Code allows you to open the gate and the room, in complete autonomy, and over a wide range of hours (7 a.m. to 10 p.m. on weekdays). , until 11 p.m. on Friday and Saturday). Count € 35 for a full hour, € 25 in off-peak hours.

Self-employed in dog training, Stéphanie Maufroy can give lessons, but clients can come with their own trainer. Professionals also come, such as the double world champion of dogs from Beauce, two former captains of the France agility team who are there every week to train, or even a professional in animal mediation, who puts in touch elderly or disabled people with animals (the site is accessible to people with reduced mobility).

“Clubs also rent the hall to organize competitions”, continues the manager, who has no shortage of projects to develop her activity.

Liberty hall dog and sport, 2, chemin de Benifay in Chambois (Corneuil). Phone. 06 80 53 06 99 or 06 31 84 98 60. Reservations on

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