November 30, 2021

Eric Zemmour takes advantage of his position as a potential candidate

Eric Zemmour welcomes the ovation with both arms raised. Michel Onfray waits, his arms crossed. The cries of “Zemmour president” fill the Palais des Congrès in Paris on the evening of Monday, October 4.

If the philosopher and founder of Popular Front, journal aimed at “Sovereignists on both sides”, organized this « conversation » with the airs of spectacle, most of the 3,700 spectators had come to see Eric Zemmour, applauding each of his diatribes against “Theocratic Islam in essence” where the “Nomads from the south of the Mediterranean”.

One comes from the right, the other from the left, but the two men agree in 2021 on the main lines: the country would be in civil war, civilization would threaten to collapse, France should move closer to Russia in a “Greater Europe” going from the Atlantic to the Urals. This meeting illustrates what sociologist Philippe Corcuff describes as a “Blurring of political boundaries”. “The confusionism of Onfray, which tinkers from the far right to the radical left, supports the ultraconservatism of Zemmour, which mixes xenophobia, sexism and homophobia in a nationalist framework”, thus considers the author of The Great Confusion. How the far right wins the battle of ideas (Textual, 672 pages, 26 euros, March 2021).

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Confusion is one of the foundations of this pre-campaign. Putative and undeclared candidate for 2022, Eric Zemmour claims intellectual independence to nurture his identity as “Non-professional politician”. “It blurs the boundaries, it has many facets, decrypts Philippe Corcuff. It appears to be uncorrupted by politics, which pleases the anti-system left. He takes advantage of his columnist status at Figaro and an image inertia, despite its radicalization, to speak to the right. Its arch is very wide. It reconfigures the political space. “

“I can’t stand to miss me”

Partisan benchmarks are blurred, despite a fairly homogeneous sociology. “Zemmour is somewhere between the right and the far right “, suggests Marion, 25-year-old ex-fillonist, resident of 16e arrondissement of Paris and employee of a champagne house, who “Likes him to advocate the conservative values ​​of traditional France”. Enguerrand, 18 years old, from a family where “We voted Marine Le Pen out of spite”, locate the polemicist “Just right”. Zemmour later claimed: “There remains a right which has not mourned for France and which does not want the Islamization of the country. I am the spokesperson for that France. “

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