November 30, 2021

Enora Malagré indignant and shocked, her face appears in adult videos, she speaks

If Enora Unpleasant has had to deal with criticism or inappropriate remarks in the past, the former columnist of TPMP is now facing a much more serious situation. Indeed, she is still today the victim of deep-fake on the Web. Evil people intentioned have thus stuck his face on the body of an actress in a film reserved for adults. Objection invites you to discover his reaction.

Enora Unpleasant : from videos that she compares to real aggression, even abuse!

Increasingly advanced technology

Become an essential face of the media and television, Enora Unpleasant has grown accustomed over the years to realizing that fame doesn’t always have all the good sides. If until this day, she had only had to see hateful remarks or even much more violent criticism, there is absolutely nothing to compare with what she is going through now. Indeed, the former accomplice of Cyril Hanouna learned a few days ago to be the victim of a technology which is developing more and more.

In his case, it would indeed be the technique of deep-fake which consists, thanks to technological means, of replacing the face of a person by another in a video sequence. This kind of problem is multiplying in a worrying way with many examples circulating on the Web. Today, Enora Unpleasant in fact the costs. The problem is of such magnitude that France Télévisions has decided to carry out a survey broadcast on its antennas this Thursday, October 14. A documentary in which viewers were able to discover how personalities come together with their faces in films banned at least 18 years old. Objection explains everything in great detail.

When the sky falls on her head

This technique of deep-fake is indeed more and more common as evidenced every evening by Nicolas Canteloup in his show on TF1. However, this technological advance also allows much less well-intentioned people to take the image of a celebrity or an anonymous person and paste it in another context. Unfortunately, Enora Unpleasant is experiencing exactly the same type of situation today. His face is found in a cinematographic production not to be put in all hands.

When she hears the news, Enora Unpleasant do not hide his discomfort: “I knew that there were photos of me that were a bit doctored in circulation. I used to be cyberharcelée. I’m used to having a bit of a twisted, twisted image. But that, I discovered. With the shock also that it provokes. There, I found it of rare violence. I feel like I have been sexually assaulted and I don’t think the word is overused ”. Indeed, the former columnist of C8 seems to have received this news with great difficulty. A perfectly logical reaction given the gravity of the situation.

Enora Malagré totally indignant: her face appears in videos reserved for adults, she reacts

A real psychological trauma

For Enora Unpleasant, the unthinkable happens: “There is something like that. Since my face is on a body. This body has a special relationship with someone. That I do not agree to. So I feel a deep attack on my dignity ”. In order to quickly put an end to this deep-fake which obviously causes her a lot of harm, the young woman even plans to file a complaint in order to go back to the perpetrators.

Enora Malagré totally indignant: her face appears in videos reserved for adults, she reacts

She said in any case, very touched to the point of considering asking for help from a professional. Indeed, Enora Unpleasant admits having experienced a real trauma: “I’ll talk to my shrink about it. I have the feeling that nevertheless at one point, I consider that it can be my body. We forget for a moment, even I know it’s not my body. I forget pretty quickly that it’s not my body. And I assimilate this body as mine. So I take in this image of me having a relationship (…) with someone I do not know, who is not consented. So for me, it’s an assault ”.

A completely understandable reaction when we imagine the damage on the psychological level, but also on the image given to others. It should be remembered that the technique of deep-fake is surprising to say the least. While the technology isn’t quite perfect yet, and deception can be detected by viewing the footage with intent, the illusion is nonetheless unsettling. Very few Internet users actually take the time to verify whether it is the truth, or a distortion of it. Anyway, Enora Unpleasant is yet another victim of this technological advance which already demonstrates how damaging its use can be.