November 27, 2021

“DXC CDG’s strategy is to offer an end-to-end sovereign move to cloud” – CIOMAG

A key player in the digital transformation of Moroccan companies and institutions for more than 14 years, DXC CDG is developing and gaining other markets in Africa and beyond, thus benefiting from the experience of the DXC Technology Group to offer customers solutions. tailored. The group now wants to make its mark on the construction of a trusted Cloud in Africa. An ambition entrusted to Cio Mag by Kettani Mehdi, CEO of DXC Technology.

Cio Mag : How does DXC Technology IT Services bring innovation to its customers’ IT infrastructure?

Kittani Mehdi : DXC CDG is constantly looking for avenues of improvement and optimization for its customers and provides innovative solutions via:

  • The automation of all the processes from the detection of the anomaly to the resolution,
  • Predictive and proactive management by locating any irregularity upstream through Artificial Intelligence,
  • The adoption of Agile methodologies in business, for flexible, autonomous and efficient project management, thus increasing productivity and reducing costs,

IT automation is a necessity to enable the integration of new technologies, accelerate business and IT processes and focus efforts on high value-added operations.

What positioning for DXC Technology in the deployment of Data Centers in Morocco and Africa?

DXC CDG brings its DC and Cloud services to unique customers and perimeters to meet specific needs of the local market and complete an end-to-end service offering. DXC CDG thus integrates the wave of growth of Data Centers in Morocco. This growth is explained by the emergence of several projects created around IT infrastructures, by His Majesty’s directives to accelerate the modernization of the administration and the digitization of public services, which explains the importance and the need to have today, data centers made in Morocco with very large storage capacities, high availability and a better security system.

DXC CDG’s strategy is to offer the Moroccan private or public institutional ecosystem an end-to-end sovereign move to cloud. In addition, DXC CDG’s Offshore Market has recently expanded by integrating the EMEA zone.

DXC CDG is therefore positioned as the main actor of DXC in the MEA region and supports the African continent in its Modernization strategy and the implementation of efficient tools and services to allow the Move to Cloud of the African Digital Economy.

How is this innovation, the support offered by DXC Technology, reflected in this period of Covid which requires rethinking the professional environment with Teleworking?

DXC CDG takes advantage of the know-how of the DXC Technology Group to bring the best of the Group’s International Standard. With these strengths, DXC CDG has established itself for more than 14 years on the Moroccan market to help its customers create value by offering integrated, standardized solutions on a large scale with solid sector expertise and delivery of excellence. Effective support during this health crisis reinforces these ambitions with the implementation in record time of continuity plans and the development of a dedicated application to organize the return to the office in complete safety.

DXC CDG has developed Salamty, a Workforce Safety Management as a Service Solution, hosted in DXC CDG’s main Data Center, with a suite of functionalities designed to control collective health and manage the organization – in accordance with government recommendations – Management of the Health Pass, Health Watch, Planning, Optimization of workspaces and Performance Monitoring.

DXC CDG continues to innovate to present solutions in Software as a Service with a maximum of added value and of National Interest to see African and to orient itself towards the Digital Working to support its customers in their Digital Transformation in all efficiency.

What interest does DXC Technology give to ATDAs, in particular to the celebration of the 10 years of the event in Morocco?

DXC CDG is delighted and honored to participate in the 10 years of ATDAs and to take part, among the African and Moroccan ecosystem, in the round table discussion of the challenges of Digital Transformation and its economic and social impact in Morocco and Africa with an ambition : build the roadmap of an African Confidence Cloud.