November 28, 2021

Doris Day’s grandson is happy after severing ties with deceased grandmother

Ryan Melcher, Doris Day’s grandson, has proven that he now has a wonderful time with his girlfriend. It’s a delightful moment for the 38-year-old, who couldn’t see his grandmother until his last days.

American actress and animal activist Doris Day died on May 13, 2019 at the age of 97, from pneumonia. After the actress died, her grandson and sole heir, Ryan Melcher, told how he had been cut and prevented to see the star, even in her last days.

Ryan Melcher has let it be known that he learned the news of the old actress’s death through social media, just like any ordinary person. He claimed Day’s business manager had kept her away from him and made their already strained relationship worse.


According to the young thirty-something, he was devastated by the news of his death. The grandson also opened up about their relationship before his death. According to Ryan Melcher, he and his granny were separated after his parents divorced.

They remained separated until the death of his father, Terry Melcher, Day’s only son, in 2004. After his death, the Hollywood icon invited him to dinner. Melcher claimed his manager ruined their plans by intercepting him and meeting him elsewhere.

Melcher’s Instagram updates have shown that he is no longer devastated and has even enjoyed some fulfilling moments with his girlfriend.

However, Charley Cullen Walters, who worked on Doris Day’s “My Heart” album in 2011 and handled its publicity, had a different side to the story in an interview. He revealed that they had tried to reach Melcher on different occasions, but had received no response.


After Ryan Melcher’s statement, the late actress’s manager, Bob Bashara, declined to address the allegations and instead directed the press to Walters, who noted that there were “two sides” to the story. .

According to Walters, the grandson and grandmother had a conversation after his parents divorced. But she decided to stay away from the family drama after a tabloid published a nasty story about her.

Walters also noted that Melcher’s claims that Bashara fired the Day Foundation board members and replaced them with his family are false. He explained that some of the members died and had to be replaced.

Following the death of the actress, the assets of her estate were put up for auction at Julien’s in Beverly Hills. Furniture, interior decor and the actress’ 1930 Ford convertible were not left out at the auction.

All proceeds from the auction were donated to the Doris Day Animal Foundation. Bashara also praised Day after his death, noting that he did not expect to manage a celebrity’s estate, and he said Day was “down to earth.”


After all the drama and accusations that followed Day’s death, Melcher’s Instagram updates have shown that he is no longer devastated and has even enjoyed some blissful moments with his girlfriend.

On his Instagram page, the grandson showed different images of him and his sweetheart, ranging from kissing snaps to fun outdoors. His posts were also accompanied by heartwarming captions.


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