November 29, 2021

Disney +: 2 excellent movies and series to watch tonight

The weekend is coming, and you want to relax while watching Disney +? Excellent idea, because the catalog of the SVoD platform is precisely well supplied.

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CNET France is here to help you choose, and has selected 2 programs for you – a film and a series – to watch tonight: Luca, the latest film from Pixar studios, and the series Futurama !

Which series to watch on Disney + Friday night?

A Hilarious Animated Series: Futurama


Fry, a failed pizza delivery boy from 1999, finds himself frozen for 1,000 years on New Years Day. He wakes up at the dawn of the year 3000, in a futuristic New York, renamed New New York. He will meet Leela, Bender and his only descendant, a mad scientist, Professor Hubert Farnsworth, with whom he will live crazy adventures in the four corners of the galaxy.

CNET France’s opinion

If the visual style of the series means something to you, it’s no accident: Futurama is a creation of Matt Groening, the father of Simpson !

Released in 1999, the series lasted 10 seasons and 140 episodes, each one funnier than the next. We find with delight the absurd and spicy humor well known to Simpson, able to hilarious scenes, but also of moments of touching finesse.

Because Futurama is not just a funny series: if we let ourselves be gripped, it easily becomes a comforting date, which takes us by the feelings thanks to its gallery of original and endearing characters, to better let us go ten seasons later, happy to travel.

With Futurama, Matt Groening will have succeeded in reiterating the miracle of Simpson, updating his humor and offering a younger series, dynamic and referenced, which has established itself as a benchmark for a new generation. In short, throw yourself on Futurama, you will not regret it !

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An enchanting and inspiring film: Luca


In the small coastal town of Portorosso, young Luca is about to experience an unforgettable summer, made of Italian ice cream, pasta plasters and Vespa rides with his best friend Alberto. But the accomplices hide a secret: they are in reality both sea monsters, come from a world located below the surface of the water.

CNET France’s opinion

Let’s say it at the outset: Luca, the latest from Pixar studios is a real gem. It takes the path of the story of initiation and discovery, and it is full of delicious transalpine vignettes and scenes froma charm and D’crazy authenticitye.

From the right way to eat pasta, to the smell of fresh espresso, to the softness of the sun on the clothes that dry: everything in Luca borrows from the animated postcard, crafted with so much care, thoroughness and generosity that one cannot remain indifferent to it.

But do not think that this enchantment is purely superficial. The story of Luca – of an apparent simplicity – brews far more serious themes and questions than it seems, with an almost disarming accuracy, which will leave you with tears in your eyes.

Everything is fair and well balanced, light and enchanting, and it is a great pleasure for the spectator. A brilliant success in short, and without a doubt the best Pixar studio film since Coco, in 2017. As much for adults as for children, Luca thus stands out as one of the little wonders of 2021. Bravissimo!

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