November 30, 2021

Darmanin explains the closure of the Allonnes mosque

The Minister of the Interior spoke on Tuesday morning for a press conference held at Place-Beauvau, in Paris. He mentioned the closure – for six months – of the Allonnes mosque, in Sarthe, accused of promoting radical and jihadist Islam, decided on Monday by prefectural decree.

Gérald Darmanin gave a press conference this Tuesday morning to take stock of his ministry during the month of September. The minister notably returned to the administrative closure of the Allonnes mosque decided, for six months, by the prefecture of Sarthe via a decree taken on Monday.

“The mosque will therefore be closed for a period of six months, the notification having been made to its legal representative,” said Gérald Darmanin. “We reminded the Prefect of Sarthe of the notification from the ‘Association allonnaise pour le Juste Milieu’, that is to say the association of the Allonnes mosque which had made comments and allowed actions that we consider them to be totally contrary to the values ​​of the Republic “, explained Gérald Darmanin.

A decision it was “normal” to make

The Minister developed:

“The elements collected on the mosque show that the imams promote there speeches, sermons and works – present in the mosque – which evoke a radical practice of Islam, legitimize the recourse to armed jihad, death as a martyr as well as the establishment of Sharia law, while cultivating a feeling of hatred towards France, the French, Jews, Christians and Westerners, and thereby legitimize terrorist attacks. “

“It was therefore normal to make this decision,” he said.

Koranic education provided on site

As of October 13, an investigation had been opened by the public prosecutor’s office of Mans against the place of worship for “apologia of terrorism” and “incitement to commit terrorist acts”. Like the minister on Tuesday, the decree supported the initiative on suspicion of the dissemination of a rigorous vision of Islam, of promotion of jihadism, of justifications for terrorist attacks fueled against the two associations overseeing the mosque, as well as against imams practicing there.

This potential influence is all the more harmful because in addition to usually welcoming 300 worshipers, the mosque provides Koranic education to 110 students.

92 Muslim places of worship under surveillance

And the Allonnaise mosque is not an isolated case. Gérald Darmanin thus took advantage of this press conference for a review of figures on the subject. “

“Thirteen associations spreading Islamist ideology have been dissolved since 2017, three times more than under previous governments,” he stressed, again listing: “Of the 2,500 Muslim places of worship on our territory, only 92 are watched by our intelligence services. I asked that they be particularly controlled. Of these 92 places of worship, suspected of separatism, 21 of them are closed “.

A statistic which was therefore further expanded on Monday.

Robin Verner BFMTV reporter