November 29, 2021

Daniella Karagach admits she trusts Iman Shumpert “with my life” after crazy lifts on “DWTS”

Daniella Karagach and Iman Shumpert stunned everyone on ‘DWTS’ with their incredible contemporary routine. Daniella reveals if she’s ever been scared when Iman throws her in the air.

There’s a new Dancing with the stars leader among us! Iman Shumpert and DWTS pro Daniella Karagach took things in the ballroom to a whole new level with their We-Contemporary performance inspired by Horror Night. Iman effortlessly launched, carried and balanced Daniella in a series of elevators that will descend into DWTS the story. Even though the elevators were scary, Daniella was never afraid that Iman would drop her.

“He will never let me down, no matter what!” Will never let me down, ”Daniella told reporters, including HollywoodLa Vie, After the show. Iman added, “The elevators… I got it. “

Iman Shumpert lifts Daniella Karagach during their contemporary. (ABC)

Daniella has full confidence in Iman as a dance partner. “I trust him for my life,” Daniella said. Iman followed up with, “She knows if she was about to fall, I got her!” We will find out. “

Iman and Daniella’s performance earned them a perfect score from all 10 of the judges. This marked their best score of the season and made them the second couple to get a perfect score. “My mind was blown away! ” Carrie Ann Inaba declared. “It was pure perfection. “

After their fantastic performance, Daniella wrote a special message to Iman on Instagram. “It’s a hell of a job asking a celebrity who has never danced before to learn a contemporary and teach her all the moves… has been through her career and is performing the dance effortlessly and her character is one. other level. I’m so lucky to have you as a Shump partner, ”she wrote.

She continued, “Thank you for inspiring me and making my job as a coach always exciting and joyful. Every rehearsal with you is a laugh until we cry, but we don’t do anything one day. I couldn’t have asked for a better partner. I am so proud of you.

Iman Shumpert Daniella Karagach
Iman Shumpert holds Daniella Karagach during a lift on “DWTS”. (ABC)

A few days before Iman’s stellar performance, HollywoodLa Vie spoke EXCLUSIVELY with his wife, Teyana Taylor. She admitted that she was “not at all surprised” that he is doing well on the show.

“He did about fifteen tours with me. He’s my DJ, he’s my backup dancer behind closed doors, you know? I think something like that was right to happen. I’m super excited, ”Teyana said. HollywoodLa Vie at Mohegan Sun’s birthday party at TAO Mohegan Sun. Dancing with the stars Season 30 airs Mondays on ABC.