November 28, 2021

Created in 2018, the company IDS Elec 63 takes over the premises left vacant by Lavoilotte in Montaigut (Puy-de-Dôme)

IDS Elec 63, a company created in November 2018, which has two co-managers and two employees, found itself somewhat cramped in its first premises.

Nicolas Delmotte, manager, knows the Lavoilotte building well

since it intervenes. When the building is for sale, the latter seizes the opportunity that arises to expand his premises and why not his business. After some work to bring them up to standard and a little painting, the contractor is ready: “IDS Elec 63” is installed on the site.

For entrepreneurs, the objective is clear: “Develop the business to train an additional pair of craftsmen and improve service and deadlines”.

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Recruitments in sight

IDS Elec 63 is therefore looking for employees, competent in their field of practice, namely general electricity, the breakdown service of individuals and industries, the overhaul and sale of motors, electrics and pumps and the installation of air conditioner. At the end of 2021, the installation and sale of charging stations for electric cars will be added to the list of services offered by the company.

The mayor of Montaigut, Jean-Marc Sautereau, who followed this new installation, welcomes this progress: “The closure of Lavoilotte was a real blow for the town. Being able to help a young entrepreneur in his efforts to settle down and create new jobs in Montaigut is a satisfaction for the municipal council. “

Working in synergy

A new tenant at the end of 2021 but IDS Elec 63 does not stop there and will soon welcome to its premises Airmax Groupe, a national network specializing in industrial compressed air solutions for more than 20 years, which wished to strengthen its local presence and opens its Airmax Auvergne agency. The cohabitation with the company IDS Elec 63 will strengthen the work in synergy for the maintenance and installation of compressed air plants in the region.