November 28, 2021

Corporate volunteering is a turnkey employee engagement solution

Corporate Volunteering Month

The Month of Volunteering in Business is at the initiative of Planète Urgence, organized in partnership with the Ministry of Europe and Foreign Affairs. In October 2021, find all the good practices and initiatives of our partner companies on our networks!

Employee engagement at the heart of companies’ HR challenges

According to an IFOP PageGroup survey released last April, 75% of HR decision-makers indicate that the health crisis has accelerated greater awareness of societal and environmental issues within their company. A conscience also revealed to employees, who say they are 63% more attentive to the commitments of companies since the start of the COVID-19 crisis. From now on, companies cannot ignore this need for employee commitment which, in addition to being a lever in terms of CSR and a source of motivation, is a formidable lever for international solidarity.

A commitment that must be placed in the service of the general interest

Engagement formats are multiplying with the help of digital, but companies must take a critical look at the missions made available to their employees. Among all those proposed, they must above all be vigilant about mobilizing their employees in the service of the general interest, and in particular the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), adopted by the UN in 2015.

Planète Urgence has supported more than 10,000 volunteers in 21 years on development sites by putting the search for impact at the heart of its action. The association has created a unique volunteering system, the Solidarity Leave®, which makes it possible to hire employees over a period of 2 weeks for full involvement in the heart of climate change issues. These development missions thus contribute to the enhancement of the skills and energies of employees in the service of structures that need it in 15 countries around the world. The year 2020 made it possible to create a new online engagement format, e-volunteering, which makes it possible to reach new employee profiles.

Corporate volunteering is a concrete and powerful response to current challenges, as a recent study has shown. These missions are also real levers of commitment, motivation and allow the acquisition of new know-how and interpersonal skills, such as openness to difference, agility or teamwork.

The Month of Corporate Volunteering: the month of October at the service of commitment

With the support of the Ministry for Europe and Foreign Affairs (MEAE) and France Volontaires, Planète Urgence is launching the “Month of Volunteering in my Company” in order to promote this solidarity commitment.

“Today relatively few companies and employees know or have access to volunteering in their organization. It is a little-known device and yet extremely powerful in terms of impact and transformation of society and the company. At a time when commitment becomes a necessity in the workplace, we are launching the month of volunteering in companies in October, in order to better disseminate this innovative device, beneficial to society, employees and businesses ”.

Amandine Hersant, Managing Director of Planète Urgence

The key dates of the month of volunteering in a company

  • October 6 : day of workshops devoted to the deployment of volunteering in companies and the exchange of good practices of the 35 current business partners
  • October 28 : webinar with the intervention of MEAE and France Volontaires
  • Throughout the month : animation on the social networks of Planète Urgence and pioneer companies with testimonials and key figures

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