November 29, 2021

company manager, OM manager, minister, actor, press boss… A man of many lives



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Bernard Tapie died on Sunday October 3. The former leader of Olympique de Marseille has had very diverse lives and has increased activities in different sectors.

Emblematic businessman, president of OM, European champion in 1993, minister, actor, press boss… Bernard Tapie, who died Sunday, October 3, had dozens of lives combined in one. At the start of his career, he wanted to be an artist, but the latter did not have the fame expected. He found success in business at the turn of the 1980s by buying companies for a symbolic franc, and selling them at a high price. He even goes so far as to advertise products, such as Wonder batteries.

“My unit of measure being money, I undertake my business, and I have it undertaken by those around me, with a fierce desire to earn a lot, a lot of money”, Bernard Tapie said. Regularly on television, he also hosts programs. Politics is interested in him, and vice versa. He was appointed Minister of the City in 1992 by François Mitterrand, and he will be one of the few to face Jean-Marie Le Pen in a debate. His other passion is undeniably sport, including tennis and of course football, but the OM-Valenciennes affair is splashing on him. In the 2000s, he tried his hand at theater and cinema. In 2017, France discovered that he had a serious cancer. Bernard Tapie was admired and controversial, but never left anyone indifferent.