November 30, 2021

Columnist Delphine Wespiser attacks the police, the union demands a public apology!

Delphine Wespiser was the victim of an assault in the middle of the street. Filled with anger, she attacks the police. The union has been seized and is asking for an apology in public from this TPMP columnist.

Friday, October 08, the former miss and host of TPMP was attacked by a pickpocket. She thus accused the police in stories on her Instagram account. The police union reacts to his post and asks him to make an apology in public. We provide you with the details.

A columnist of TPMP victim of assault

A little less than a week ago, the former Miss Delphine Wespiser was the victim of a pick-pocketing in Mulhouse. She thus lost her watch and to this day, it is impossible to find the thief. Angry, this chronicler of TPMP attacked the police on social networks. Indeed, she underlined their inactions in the face of similar cases.

“Fed up with this country!” What does the police ? (…) We haven’t seen a single police patrol during all this time, ”she got angry on her posts. Today, the 29-year-old says she is insecure and disgusted. “I have had the treatment of all the women who can no longer walk in the streets at night,” she said.

Faced with these accusations, the police union reacted and asks him to apologize. But above all to stop this “Sterile controversy”. In fact, the police alliance did not appreciate the message it sent too much. Moreover, he said that “her status as a columnist for TPMP does not grant her a greater victim status than others”.

By the way, Michel Corriaux did not fail to tackle this former Miss in his press release. Apparently he offered to give her some “Basic safety advice” for irony. Thus, Delphine Wespiser tries to redeem herself on the TPMP set the very next day. She explains the facts as well as the reason for his rant that day.

Delphine explains everything on Cyril Hanouna’s show

Following the request of the Grand-Est police union, Delphine came to the TPMP set. She recounts her assault at length. According to her, she left to pick up her order at the restaurant when a man diverted her attention. And it is only at home that the star notices the disappearance of her watch. They returned to the street but the thief was no longer there.

Shocked that she hadn’t seen any police, she then posted the messages on Instagram. Which pissed off the police. Thus, she tries to explain herself in relation to what she wrote on social networks. The TPMP columnist says that although she did not see the police, she thinks they were still there. This comes from the fact that they have a lot of unmarked cars.

“I think that today people don’t legitimize the police as much because you don’t have enough resources, people. She asserted. Then she adds: “There are the victims of insecurity, it’s the people, and it’s also the police because they must have more resources. “. For the young woman, her explanations will then serve as an excuse to the police.

However, the union was not satisfied with this intervention of the former Miss on TPMP. “Half-confessed, half-forgiven fault!” “ he expressed himself. Indeed, she did not really apologize. The official mentioned that: “Alliance Police Nationale Grand-Est regrets the absence of apologies from the former Miss France to our colleagues but also takes note of the support expressed by the celebrity. “.

The speaker from TPMP takes the floor again

Following the reactions of the police after his intervention in Cyril Hanouna’s show, Delphine spoke again. In fact, the union criticized him for not apologizing. However, they are grateful for his explanation. And hope that in the future the messages of support from the Miss will be more “Clear and unambiguous”. This will allow the investigation to continue normally.

To close the subject, the celebrity wanted to explain the reason for his questioning: “What is the police doing? “. According to her, it was “the shock and the feeling of insecurity that dictated his words”. On the other hand, still no word of apology. Decidedly, she has the character of the columnist of TPMP. Nevertheless, she admits to being respectful of the work of the police.