November 30, 2021

Choose it well so as not to drop anything!

The sports bra is not just a beauty accessory to be sexy at the gym or on your post-glute Instagram photos. Above all, the bra allows you to maintain the breast well so as not to shock it during your session.

Choosing the right sports bra is an important step. Because yes, move, you like. Sometimes practicing extreme sports to burn as many calories as possible, you love it. On the other hand, your two companions up there, them, jump in all directions, they don’t really like that… So, so as not to drop the sport, nor to drop them (you know what I mean) in a few years, follow our little advice.

Who is a bra for?

You there, who do sports with your daily bra to enhance your breasts at the gym, or you who have small breasts and who are satisfied with a small underwear bra for running… STOP. The sports bra is for everyone. More or less maintained, more or less covering and more or less pleasant but, if you do not take care to support your chest at the beginning… washcloths later you will have.

The essentials of a good sports bra

It is not always easy to find the one that is best suited for your workouts. Depending on its silhouette, its build, its cup size, its sport… there are many choices. However, there are some basic rules.

At first, and at first glance, before even trying it on, the bra must have a band under the bust. Glued to your skin, so it should be quite thick, and placed just below your chest when you try. But be careful, make sure you take your size correctly, and not the one below to “be tighter”, you must be able to pass a finger easily between the elastic and your skin.

On the design side, but above all efficiency, take a good look at the cut of the sports bra. If it’s cross-back straps or swimmer style, then you can try it! For sportswomen with large breasts, some brands even make padded shoulder straps. If that doesn’t make you want to play sports!

Even before trying it on, analyze if this cute little bra that you have chosen has an adjustable strap. Often in the back, it will allow you to adapt according to your back width (and your sudden muscle gain).

Now is the time to try it on to be sure:

Once put on to see if it fits or not, there you inspect. The chest must be supported, well supported, but not tight or tight. The small bead under the arms or on the back for a crossed bra is the first sign that it is too small. Is it her you want but there is only this size left? Imagine running around in this bra that prevents you from breathing. And take another.

Some sports bras have sometimes large pads. For a more sexy attitude, perhaps, but when it comes to comfort or respect for the breasts, sometimes it’s limited. The cups must especially not reveal too much the breasts (push-ups you forget, this is not the time), nor pleat or split them. Then what else, daily sport should not be synonymous with pain for your two attributes. Best of all, opt for bras with removable pads!

Ophelia Moisant

Curious and passionate writer who likes to unearth the latest trends and share her Healthy and Sport tips!