November 28, 2021

Center-Manche: a mobile application to connect young talents and business leaders in the region

Citykomi – Profil Jeunes Mission Locale is a simple and effective mobile application for recruiters and young people in the area looking for a job. (© Visual provided by the Mission Locale du Center-Manche)

Citykomi – Youth Local Mission Profiles. This is the name of the new digital tool set up by the Local Mission of Center-Manche.

Monday 25 October 2021, l’application mobile developed by a Caen start-up was officially launched.

A tool at the service of recruiters in the territory

It aims to provide an answer to labor needs recruiters and business leaders on the territories of Saint-Lô Agglo and the Bay of Cotentin.

Even if we are in a situation of full employment with an unemployment rate of around 5.2% in the department, there are sectors under pressure which are struggling to recruit such as industry, hotel and catering or the help the person. It is a recurring problem. Today, we have nearly 35,000 job seekers in the Channel and between 35,000 and 37,000 currently unfilled vacancies. “

Gildard BeuveThe President of Medef de la Manche

A shared observation by Mickaël Grandin, vice-president of Saint-Lô Agglo in charge of economic development. “You have to invent new things to adapt to a constantly changing world of work. Today, the way in which young people approach the labor market has evolved. We must therefore approach them to capture talents and attract them to business leaders who have real needs. “

A simple and effective connection

To do this, the Mission Locale du Center-Manche worked on the development of a new digital tool, whose objective is to connect young people that she accompanies on a daily basis with the employers of the territory.

On this application, recruiters will be able to see the profile of our young people aged 16 to 25, who are immediately available for employment. It really is an additional tool for businesses. Information and news on recruitment aid measures and systems will also be broadcast in real time in order to provide them with the best possible support. “

Nicolas Bansard The director of the Center-Manche Local Mission
The application allows real-time dissemination of information and news on recruitment assistance measures and systems.
The application allows real-time dissemination of information and news on recruitment assistance measures and systems. (© Visual provided by the Mission Locale du Center-Manche)

Designed for recruiters and local business leaders, the mobile app must also facilitate the job search for 1,600 young people supported by the Mission Locale du Center-Manche since January 2021. « Ltwo-thirds are not registered with Pôle Emploi, points out Nicolas Bansard. The idea is to make those who are not visible by prioritizing the strengths and skills (soft skills) of these young people. The app must promote them as a living force in the territory. ”

Completely free service

The mobile application is free, easy to use, ad-free and without obligation. “It wants to respect the personal data of users, Citykomi officials explain. No data is collected. There is no account to create, no email address to enter, no geolocation. Subscription and unsubscription is done in seconds. “

Another advantage: the application is immediately available and usable by business leaders and recruiters. “They will receive an alert as soon as a new profile is entered. They can make direct contact with the young person (if he has given permission) or with the advisor of the Local Mission who follows him. “

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Today, around forty profiles are already available on the Citykomi mobile application – Youth Local Mission Profiles. The Mission Locale du Center-Manche hopes to eventually have nearly 200 available in real time. (© Illustration/Adobe Stock)

How it works ?

The mobile application is available on Android or IOS. To use it, the process is simple: just download Citykomi on the AppStore or Google Play, then flash the QR Code to subscribe to the channel “Citykomi – Youth Local Mission Profile”. “Recruiters and business leaders will thus be able to receive in real time the profiles of young people available immediately and selected by the Local Mission, indicate Nicolas Bansard. Updates and additions of new profiles will be daily and carried out by our teams. ”

■ Convenient. The Citykomi mobile application – Local Mission Youth Profiles. Find more information on his website.

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