January 29, 2022

With a stunning dress Jennifer Lopez looks like a princess – Marseille News

Jennifer Lopez dresses like a princess for On My Way | PA

For fans of singer and actress Jennifer Lopez, seeing her wearing awesome outfits is already quite common, however, she still finds the creative and glamorous way to surprise her followers, as in her recent video where dress like a princess.

The famous celebrity and businesswoman stood out for her excellent taste for fashion, you surely already know that she has a clothing line, with more than 35 years of career Jennifer Lopez he made a name for himself in the industry.

Each of La Diva del Bronxs’ projects becomes a success, especially when it comes to music, in a few days it will launch the Official video of its simplicity On my way, official song from her upcoming movie “Marry Me”, starring herself, Maluma and Owen Wilson.

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Through her official Instagram account, the famous singer and businesswoman shared a short intro to her upcoming video, and following the trend of “Marry Me”, she appears in a beautiful wedding dress although she looks more like a princess.

Jennifer Lopez dresses like a princess for On My Way | .

The dress is dropped shoulders with puffed sleeves, the design is fitted at the waist with a small belt in the same tone as her dress, just at the height of her hips, it opens a little on the front.

The drape of the fabric of this beautiful garment opens up a bit, although it is not much appreciated at the start of the video due to the fact that there is a little smoke as a backdrop, almost at the end you can see a few folds that seem to form an interesting texture to the fabric.


Another awesome outfit she wears is a full sequined costume, all in black, including the top she wears under her jacket, despite this costume not being fitted to her waist, her curves are perfectly defined. thanks to the fact that The pants are adjusted at the waist.

In your description Jennifer Lopez She claims that she is extremely happy with the acceptance this single has had, that she has played at AMAs and since then it hasn’t stopped playing, especially since she has promoted it a lot as well.

One day ago he posted this small part of his official video, in response from his admirers, these images are on the verge of reaching 600,000 views and 6,000 comments.