May 22, 2022

Wilfried Kissi: courts, 25,000 euros in debt

In 2012, Wilfried Kissi took part in the first edition of the “Meilleur Pâtissier”. Since then, the young man has gone through many trials. Back on the nightmare that the pastry chef has lived for almost 8 years.

Fame has good things, but also bad sides, and it is not Wilfried Kissi who will say the opposite. Discovered by the public during the first season of the M6 ​​show, “Meilleur Pâtissier”, Wilfried Kissi quickly became a legend in the field. But this resounding success was only short-lived.


Television has brought many people out of the shadows, but the price of fame is never easy to pay. The story of Loana, former candidate of “Loft Story” is very edifying. In the list of those who burned their wings in becoming famous, there is Wilfried Kissi.

This young nurse was only 22 years old when he had put his suitcases on the “Best pastry chef” tray. Eliminated from the first episode, Wilfried Kissi had however marked the spirits with the cake he had prepared on the film set.

Very quickly, the orders had started to rain. In the Parisian’s “Source code” podcast, the young man said that people often asked him to make the same cake they had seen on TV.

Supported by his wife, the young man found himself baking cakes for weddings. Having no other location and eager to keep his job as a caregiver, he prepared his deliveries in his kitchen.

“Sometimes in a weekend, I made 3,000 €, which is huge for me at 22. For a fair for example for two hours, I was given 500 €. And there it is a mess in my head”,

he told the podcast. Very quickly, success rose to his head. Wilfried Kissi had started spending lavishly. Parties, luxury cars, ski trips had become his passion and his daily life to such an extent that he could no longer even honor his commitments.


Seeing the path taken by her husband, Wilfried Kissi’s wife tried to warn him. She had told him that many of her friends would abandon her when things got bad. She was sure, things were bound to take a turn for the worse. But the young man does not care about his advice.

Spending more and more, he ended up accumulating debt because of the fact that he was earning less. In his mad rush towards a lavish life, Wilfried Kissi had contracted a debt of around € 25,000. He only became aware of the abyss in which he found himself when a bailiff showed up at his door. There, this father of 4 was afraid of losing everything.

Waking up from his long sleep, Wilfried Kissi had decided to take charge of his life and get back on the right track. Decided to change his life and review his priorities, he had decided to leave Vichy with his partner and their children. It was in the Landes that he had chosen to settle his little family. At first, he had resumed his activities as a caregiver full time.

However, his meeting with the mayor of his adopted municipality had once again changed the course of his life. Solicited for a marriage, Wilfried Kissi saw there the opportunity to give a new turn to his life. This is how he ended his career as a caregiver to enter the catering service.

Currently, he runs two pastry shops as well as a restaurant. He has managed to clean up these finances and divides his time between his family and his professional activities.


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