July 1, 2022

why she became ‘paranoid’ after Miss France

Iris Mittenaere : when she became Miss France, Iris knew fame… But that made her somewhat paranoid! We explain why.

Iris Mittenaere looks back on her Miss France experience

The young woman is for a total overhaul of the Miss France program. Just like Alexia Laroche-Joubert who had already declared: “ The rules have always been part of the evolution of women in society while preserving the raison d’être of a beauty pageant.“According to the one who denounced school harassment, there would be rules that would not have to exist, such as compulsory celibacy, the ban on tattoos, a minimum height of 1.70m…etc.

During an interview with Télé-Loisirs, Iris Mittenaere said: ” For me, it should be like Miss Universe, abolish all the rules. It would be even better, said Iris Mittenaere. Let people choose the Miss they want and to let them choose, there should be no filter from the start of the selections. “. In addition, candidates for the Miss France 2022 competition swayed on this competition in the columns of Parisian. If this time, Iris is talking about her, it’s because she admitted that the beginnings as Miss France were particularly difficult.

Iris says she became ‘paranoid’

The darling of Diego El Glaoui was the guest of the program of Hugo Décrypte on Twitch. She looked back on her beginnings and confessed how disturbing it had been. In front of Miss France, Iris had to stop her studies and this had already upset her: « The way people looked at me was different and that scared me. I realized that I would never be little student Iris again. It’s hard because we tell ourselves that we will never be anonymous again ”.

Obviously, who says celebrity, says paparazzi. When she was Miss France – and even more so as Miss Universe – she discovered the scooters that were parked at the bottom of her house, in search of a photo.“You took a taxi, they took the address to see where you were going and to whom. Every day you had your picture taken, it was tiring and heavy. It was mainly to find out who my boyfriend was, you had to have the proof of the moment. », she confided.

All this made Iris Mittenaere “paranoid” :« You are the rest, you feel like people are listening. You can never be fully yourself. You have a lot of people who want to be your friend, people in your family that you didn’t know who turn up.Fortunately, today everything seems to be going better in his life…

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