July 7, 2022

Vicente Fernández, his wife Doña Cuquita finds himself in the hospital

Vicente Fernández, his wife Doña Cuquita ends up in the hospital | Instagram

At the hospital, this is how the famous Doña Cuquita, wife of Mexican performer Vicente Fernández after going against the wishes of her children and suffering inconvenience at her Los Tres Potrillos ranch.

According to Dael Quiroz of Arguende TV, the beloved wife of Don Vicente Fernandez Gomez She was in the exclusive apartment her family bought near the hospital where her husband has stayed for the past four months at the request of their children.

The family of María del Refugio Abarca Villaseñor would indicate to her that it was better for her to stay in this place since the Los Tres Potrillos ranch would mean memories that would make her mood more compromised and even, mishaps, for being a very large place full of steps. Et demais.

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However, it was Doña Cuquita’s wish to be brought home and her driver obeyed by transferring her to Los Tres Potrillos but what they didn’t expect was that he would end up there. hospital where her husband would eventually die because of an accident.

According to the reporter, the woman had severely hit her arm, which left her with a crack and a splint on her arm, something really uncomfortable; however, fortunately, the situation would not change.

Vicente Fernández, his wife Doña Cuquita ends up in the hospital. Photo: Instagram.

As expected, the departure of Don Vicente Fernández was quite difficult for Doña Cuquita and the family. The love story between María del Refugio and Fernández Gómez dates back to when they were just children.

She is said to be the friend of a friend of Vicente and this is how they had a childhood together a bit, later when they were young love would reach them, but the fame would try to separate them with distance.

It is said that Vicente Fernandez He told Doña Cuquita that his career would keep him out a lot and that he didn’t want him to waste his time, so it was better if he started dating someone else. What the Mexican singer didn’t expect was that he really wasn’t prepared to lose her.

After returning from work, the singer would meet another man at María del Refugio and he already had a relationship with her, something that El Charro de Huentitán did not like at all. Like the macho he has always been, the actor also confided in the love of his life that he gave him ten minutes to get it over with the man and that on December 27 they would get married and that’s as it happened.