January 29, 2022

Verónica Forqué, shakes up the departure of “Almodovar’s daughter”

Verónica Forque, the actress was found lifeless in Spain | PA

Verónica Forqué shocked all of Spain after learning that she had been found lifeless in her home, the so-called ” Almodovar girl“I was 66 years old.

The actress Verónica Forqué would have reappeared recently in the contest of ” MasterChef Celebrity“In Spain, therefore of the program and of the producer” Shine Iberia “, they expressed their solidarity with the various expressions of condolence, deploring” the loss of an extraordinary professional and a wonderful person “, they commented.

This is the agency. who confirmed to the National Police Department the moment someone called the emergency number, at 12:49 p.m. to report “someone who had committed suicide”, it was the “recipient of four Goya awards”.

Verónica Forqué, the actress located lifeless in Spain. Photo : .

It is assumed that it would be the maid who worked for Verónica who would find her in her bathroom, so she would notify a neighbor and 112 respectively, according to the newspaper. com

Arriving at the actress’ home in Madrid, medical services could not have done anything to save the star’s life, Véronique Forqué, according to what the Europa Press agency has confirmed.

The news left consternation in Spain and in the collaborators and close friends of the famous and “director”, who spoke in front of this unfortunate news.

The void he leaves in our lives and our cinema is irrecoverable, said producer Pedro Almodovar of his departure.

Likewise, actor Antonio Banderas appeared on his Twitter account with a touching message dedicated to the “ theater actress“, Which he remembered in a very special way.

Goodbye Véronique Forqué. I worked with her years ago and I remember that as a gentle, spiritual woman and a good companion. DEP

Who was Verónica Forqué?

Verónica Forqué Vázquez-Vigo was born on December 1 in Madrid, Spain. In life he had a long professional career in film, theater and television.

Daughter of Spanish producer and director José María Forqué, she had a great talent for comedy and drama and played more than 80 characters throughout her career.