July 7, 2022

This duck is a scandal! – PC duck

Each broadcast of PC duck kicks off the same way: with a hallucinogenic trip punctuated by a weird, masked guy throwing one of our magazines at the camera yelling ” This duck is a scandal! “. What if that person was you?

To have a chance to appear at the end of our credits, nothing could be simpler:

  • Film yourself in a sequence shot (filmed in one go, without cutting). And no more than eight seconds, because we don’t have all night.
  • Your video must be at least in horizontal format, 1920*1080.
  • The person or persons filmed must imperatively be masked.

Its good ? Your equipment is ready? You put on your most beautiful mask / helmet / who cares, it covers my face? Then you are ready to imitate our intro sequence:

  • Read PC duck in an incongruous, extravagant, incoherent, bizarre place… In short, be funny and/or amaze us!
  • Whatever your idea, don’t put anyone in danger. Never. Under any circumstances.
  • At the end of your shot, shout ” This duck is a scandal! and throw your magazine in the direction of your camera. Attention, the editorial staff declines all responsibility in the event of breakage. And we don’t say that because we were very afraid for one of our cameras during a shoot. No no no.
  • Are you happy with the result? Send your video to “scandal AT canardpc POINT com”.

And then ? The funniest or most amazing videos will be shown at the end of our show credits. And you, in all this? Your selection will of course grant you non-celebrity thanks to the comfort of your mask but above all, one year of subscription to the site of PC duck ! Powerful!

You are still here ? A doubt or a question? Contact Sylvester Standalone through our Discord server or Twitter to (hopefully) get an answer.