July 7, 2022

This dress for less than 30 euros that all women would love to have this year!

The Zara dress collection blows up social platforms, a 90s dress style that monopolizes the attention of the fairer sex. Its appearance synchronized with the fall season is also getting a lot of talk about this clean satin trend.

In this digital age, it becomes easy to measure the impact of a novelty in the fashion industry. Just count the number of views, shares and comments on social networks. On the screen, you see a dress with a singular cut to accompany during your evening.

A rapid notoriety of the Zara dress collection

It is sure that the Zara dress will mark the fall of 2021. Internet users come across the publications, inquire about them and go to buy some. Their comments and the strides in the shops bear witness to this.

Short dress from Zara

The first paintings of the Zara dress have everything to seduce. Compared to the other usual cuts, you will find two necklines placed in the front and back of the dress. The first is spread out with a blessed neckline, the second emphasizes the curvature of the hips. Another special feature is the open back, embellished by two X-shaped or tie straps.

The light material with the velvet feel makes the Zara summer dress sultry and glamorous, the minimalist design is very attractive. You’ll see celebrity Sarah Jessica Parker resurrected dress model at VH1 in 1997.

An indifferent history and origin for Zara

The Zara dress you know today is almost the same as the nightie from the 90s. Sleepwear, even an undergarment, famous fashion icons are behind this meteoric conversion. By way of illustration, there is the house of Calvin Klein, Dior and Narciso Rodriguez.

Trendy dress from Zara
Trendy dress from Zara

John Galliano at Dior finds inspiration for the first slip dress in the nightie from the 90s. At first, the design was created for Princess Diana, but found himself in Lady Di’s skin in 1996. From the moment of her appearance, the silk outfit was able to indicate feminine daring and the new style was born.

The nightie had moments in the closet with the arrival of models such as the satin camisole. It was not until celebrities like Bella Hadid and Hailey Bieber, that the slip dress regained the shelves. With other figures like Lily-Rose from the it-girls, they have reinvented the use of the nightie. Since then, you have seen styles combining a slip dress with a blazer or a T-shirt.

A need to stand out for women

Zara granted the wish of women wanting to dress in lingerie during the year. It’s hard not to fall for a lace babydoll with this warmth and windy tendency. The cuts are available for all preferences, whether it is a relaxed nightie or a dress that follows the shape of the silhouette.


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Satin, silk, vaporous fabric, etc. there are also the details and patterns that are all the rage on a Zara dress. The collection is intended to accompany you for various occasions. You just have to select a style according to a flashy, sober, chic lingerie… Besides, you will have no trouble matching your nightie with accessories and types of clothing.

A naughty and versatile outfit both from Zara

Another particularity of the Zara dress is that it allows to highlight femininity. To everyone’s happiness, it can be worn on a daily basis without taboos. Its design is far from vulgar, since in addition to being a sexy outfit, it brings class and originality.

In stores, you have no difficulty recognizing the new shape of the nightie. Try to judge for yourself of its practicality, sobriety and efficiency. All you have to do is find the jacket, booties or sandals that come with it.


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Many women have already shared their look in a Zara dress on different platforms. The attention isn’t just fixed on the babydoll that blends perfectly with a hat, earrings and sneakers. Some ladies look more chic with a bag and boots.