January 26, 2022

The wanderings of Monsieur Hulot

Be careful, slippery ground! Why hide it, address what is becoming “the Hulot affair” and the tidal wave it can cause in the country, is tightrope walking. Let’s take the risk and commit ourselves above the void.

In a report from France 2 collecting the testimonies of victims of the former star of TF1, who became Minister of Emmanuel Macron, we discover that the kind reporter protecting the planet did not have the same prejudices with the female population as for his friends the dolphins. The women who express their pain, in front of the cameras, in the face of the sexual assault of the “suspect”, are overwhelming, and deserve a thousand times to be heard, despite the fact that no legal action can be taken against the ex- host of “Ushuaïa”, due to prescription. However, a preliminary investigation was opened following these accusations.

The sequel after the advertisement

What the women say who accuse Nicolas Hulot of sexual assault in “Special Envoy”

Some good souls cry out for media lynching, for the court in place of strike action, screaming against the social killing of one of the heralds of the fight for the defense of the environment. They go so far as to claim that statute-barred offenses should not be disclosed. They are on the wrong track, of course. What does the work of our colleagues from France 2 reveal? That the abuse of power, the hold, exercised over women in a state of subordination, in those years before #Metoo, were commonplace. That the stars of the small screen, adulated, even idolized, used this fascination, which haloed them with an untouchable status, to commit the worst attacks. They were quite simply convinced that they enjoyed a form of impunity due to their fame. And their victims, buried in shame and the fear of not being heard, kept these bruises buried deep within themselves. It took the affair of François Mitterrand’s granddaughter, revealed a few years ago, while Nicolas Hulot was in post at the Ministry of Ecological Transition, for fear to change sides, if we can. say, and so that the omerta may be lifted in part.

So, it’s hard to deny that Nicolas Hulot, in the early 2000s, was not an angel, he might even be a sexual predator. But these voices coming out of too long a silence undoubtedly reveal her disproportionate hubris as a prince of the media, a backpacker with the mouth of an angel, intoxicated with her omnipotence, with her sex appeal which can be used in a ” livestock ”offered and consenting. We are at the heart of the “domineering male” syndrome, to use an expression of Eric Zemmour. How could he have thought that his assaults prohibited by law could not hurt, bruise, even sully the lives of these young women whom he believed to be at his mercy. This is the feeling we have at the end of this long report. What do they ask, basically, these victims heard? What justice do they demand? A trial, a revision of the law, to increase the limitation period to twenty years, even thirty years?

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The report does not say so. But maybe that’s not the will of these omerta breakers. By stepping into a position of denial, victim of a media lynching, Nicolas Hulot reveals that he has not heard the message of those he crossed decades ago. What if these women were just waiting for forgiveness, an act of contrition, so that their pain would finally be recognized? Obviously, this is not the path chosen by the great defender of nature. Pity…