July 1, 2022

the TPMP columnist abused cosmetic surgery?

In the early 2000s, Jean-Pascal Lacoste saw his fame become enormous thanks to the Star Academy program. If his ex-girlfriend Jenifer won the famous telecrochet for this first edition, the singer was able to seduce with his musical projects.

Jean-Pascal Lacoste, the jack of all trades

A multifaceted artist, the singer of “L’Agitateur” launched himself into the cinema. Jean-Pascal Lacoste has starred in successful series such as Section de recherche sur TF1. He also likes the theater. His fans will be able to see him in the comedy “An almost perfect stay”, written by Anne-Laure Estournes.

In this work, Delphine Tellier’s companion plays with Frank Delay, Emmanuelle Bodin and Katia Tchenko. On January 22, Cyril Hanouna’s columnist took to his social networks to show images of the rehearsals. Apparently, the good mood was there.

In his story posted on Instagram, Jean-Pascal took the opportunity to share his meal with Frank Delay. And it is very surprising. The pair chose to eat junk food. Too bad for the extra pounds! “Before the theater tonight, we are with Frank, we went to eat”, he said. “So Frank who is very thin and very careful about his diet… Can you explain all this to us?! » laughs, the ex-singer of the 2Be3 group.

Junk Food au menu

He unveiled his menu consisting mainly of « chicken wings », from “small fries”, a burger and a soda. “Well you can laugh at me”, said Jean-Pascal Lacoste who agreed to also make a difference.

The two men also had the opportunity to show themselves smiling and transformed with a filter. With his face transformed, Jean-Pascal Lacoste winked at another duo. “It does, huh? », a dit Frank Delay. “We are beautiful”, replied his accomplice and said, laughing: “The Bogdanoffs are still there.”

Jean-Pascal, reality TV figure

The opportunity to return to the career of Jean-Pascal Lacoste. He was born in 1978 in Toulouse. He spent his youth in Saint-Jean-de-Luz on the Basque Coast. Very early, he practiced surfing. His passion for the sea led him to become a lifeguard.

It was on a beach that he spotted by members of the production of the Star Academy. In 2001, he joined the program broadcast on TF1 and which achieved enormous audience scores. The young man becomes one of the figures of the program with his rants and his favorites for Jenifer. The public loves it and will allow him to go to the semi-finals in January 2002. Eliminated against Jenifer, he will follow his friends during the tour Star Academy in France.

What’s more, in 2002, he published a title entitled The agitator. Sales of the single are close to 1 million copies. After two other titles (Rue de la liberté and La chanson con), he released his first album Who are you? during the summer of 2002. His career was launched and he devoted himself to animation and comedy. He made his debut as a columnist on TF1, in Incredible but true. On NRJ 12, he hosts the program Les 12 hearts (2008) ensuite It passes or it traps (2009). In 2006, he obtained a role in the series Section of research on TF1, and plays Chief Warrant Officer Irrandonea. In 2013, he shot an episode of the series Camping Paradise.

On the heart side, he lives a short story with the singer Jenifer during the Star Academy. In 2004, he met an American, Jennifer. The couple celebrated their marriage in privacy in 2007, and gave birth to two children: Kylie (born in 2008) and Maverick (born in 2012). In April 2016, Jean-Pascal Lacoste announced his separation from the mother of his children. He finds love again with Delphine Tellier. During an interview in August 2020, Delphine Tellier and Jean-Pascal Lacoste announced their wedding plans for 2022. In the weeks and months to come, Objeko will not fail to tell you about Jean-Pascal Lacoste’s news.