July 1, 2022

The State Of Fortnite In 2022: Pretty Epic

The biggest problem with Fortnite is that, by far, it’s the fastest changing game in history. A game that started as a cooperative tower defense game and was catapulted into stardom with a battle royale mode is still both of those things, now with years of substantial additions and, every so often, a complete change of decor. It wouldn’t even be accurate to say you’re still playing the same game: how do you rank something like Fortnite’s amazing bespoke concerts, or movie tie-ins, or something like the interactive Martin Luther King exhibit? Jr? When Epic calls this thing a platform, you have to admit it’s right.

One of the principles of Fortnite is partnership. Epic quickly realized that when your business model is selling battle passes and cosmetics, you can’t have too many brand crossovers. It really can’t be overstated how much of a part of Fortnite’s appeal that is, with a seemingly endless cast of already famous characters rotating around, usually at a time that ties into something else (like the recent Spider-Man tie-in at the sides of the last film).