January 25, 2022

The snapper Niang Kharagne Lo, hospitalized!

The snapper of the President of the Republic has been hospitalized since the day before yesterday. Companion of wrestler Modou Lo and singer Waly Seck, Niang kharagne Lo has made a name for himself through the snap on social networks.

A celebrity who led him to join the camps of the President of the Republic to immortalize his outings through social networks. According to information received by SeneNews, the vips snapper suffered from a cyst in his lower abdomen.

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The day before yesterday he had an operation on his lower abdomen in a local hospital to put an end to his suffering. For the moment Niang Kharagne Lo is bedridden in the hospital bed even though the operation went well.

According to reports, his good mood turned into psychosis. We wish President Macky Sall and singer Wally Seck a good recovery

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