January 24, 2022

The luxurious mansion of the famous driver VLA

El Capi Pérez: The luxurious mansion of the popular driver VLA | INSTAGRAM

The popular conductor of Come joy and excellent comedian, El Capi Pérez, became a celebrity, one of the most important figures of Mexican television after his appearance on Aztec television, becoming one of the favorites on television today.

Thanks to his excellent work and his sense of humor He has managed to be successful in all the projects in which they have been featured, so throughout his career he has had many opportunities that he did not miss.

They are the ones who allowed him to have an excellent quality of life, when he participates in the Reality show from Amazon Prime Video: the last who laughs, (MDR) contest in which he must avoid laughing while trying to make his fellow comedians laugh, directed by Eugenio Derbez and in which it is his second chance in this third season released on December 10.

It is for this very reason that this character on television has attracted a lot of public attention and on numerous occasions they look down to the smallest detail of the photos shared on their social networks, always wearing incredible marks and also their luxurious mansion.

It’s true, the young man already has more than 3 million followers and has sometimes shared the incredible dressing room he has inside his luxurious mansion, full of impressive clothes and good taste.


Capi Pérez shows off his wardrobe and also the incredible dressing room he has in his property.

He also has an amazing collection of tennis shoes, he is a fan of collecting them and of course, he cannot avoid an opportunity to share this great taste.

We could also see that he has a very good decoration, he always surprises Internet users with this comfort that he has managed to obtain after so much success in his career and that each of them deserves, with a luxurious garden, very tasteful furniture and of course all very well combined.

There is no doubt that Capi Pérez will continue to make viewers benefit from his great presence on the screens, his sense of humor that characterizes him and of course also the unforgettable moments that he gives to those who know how to appreciate the comedy.