May 12, 2022

Terrebre has lost its gardener: Jacques Abeille is dead

Jacques Abeille died on January 23. He was 79 years old.

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LLast year, Jacques Abeille received the Special Prize of the Grand Prix de l’Imaginaire for his Cycle of the lands, a novelistic ensemble whose action takes place in imaginary countries, at the center of which are Terrebre and its empire. Jacques Abeille died on January 23. He was 79 years old. And a certain celebrity had only been granted to him from the 2000s, thanks to this cycle and especially to his first novel, The Statuary Gardens, whose illustrations were created by François Schuiten.

The evening had written about this novel: “In a classical language, pure, worked and bewitching, Jacques Abeille makes discover an almost utopian society and the faults which crack it. His philosophical tale also shows the role of books, the need for legends and myths, the primacy of writing, to preserve the traces of the past and, for the writer, to live his life to the full, quite simply. »

Jacques Abeille had been a surrealist, he wrote novels, poetry, erotic novels, he painted, he drew. For writing, he said: “The only requirement I impose on myself is that of precision. What I write is visionary, spatial. It requires pictures. Like Jean Ray, who is an extraordinary visionary. When I read it, I see. When I read Théophile Gautier, I see nothing. François Schuiten, for example, as soon as he showed me his drawings, I heard a voice. »

We find his works partly at Folio, a lot at Tripode, some at Attila and with a swarm of publishers.