January 24, 2022

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Brand campaigns that deserve to be in the spotlight this week.

Par Gokul Krishnamoorthy

Lenovo | We have your back

Lenovo’s new corporate campaign is a breath of fresh air. Every year this (company announcements) is a category where one has a hard time finding category elevation work. Going beyond the product, this work is helping Lenovo find its own voice and achieve a differentiated positioning in an increasingly crowded consumer electronics market. It could only have worked as a series and the effort to make each show authentic.

Pillard TVS| #FightForWhatsRight

It’s pretty extraordinary for a bicycle maker to let their product be violated onscreen. To allow the film to show a bruised and bruised model, we must appreciate the custodians of the brand. After all, they are taking a stand for a very real and relevant issue. In doing so, full attention is paid to the bike from start to finish. It’s a smart way to secure a win. #FightForWhatsRight looks perfect. But some might argue that “Be mean enough for #FightForWhatsRight” is a bit of an exaggeration. Even if it does, it’s a good stretch.

Cadbury Chocolates | Cookie-Clip

It’s obvious that brands are looking for opportunities to build engagement around them. Sometimes desperation shows itself. In cases like this, you marvel at the fit. A great way to engage young and old while keeping the product at the center of everything. Technology must be meaningfully associated with issues of general interest for it to be relevant. Hopefully the user experience has lived up to the idea.

Advanced range of back pain Amrutanjan | Dard Ki Haar Aap Ki Jeet

It’s wonderful to see the legacy brand take advantage of India’s current sporting heroes. Pain relief has its place in the lives of these champions. It’s also nice to see the effort put into production to do justice to their tests and triumphs.

KFC | Express pickup | Mile Tez Taste surprise

There is a definite link between fame and speed and this being the promise of the product, you will have to check the box for proper use of fame on it. But could they have done more? Maybe yes. Maybe not, in 30 seconds.

Vim Liquide | Nazariya Badlo

#ShareTheLoad was a great idea. But I remember conversations, where arguments against it included that doing laundry using a washing machine is aimed at a small segment of households. It is not the most difficult household chore that the majority of women are given by default, it was noted. It took a while to come, but the dishes finally followed suit.

The potential couple engaged in a conversation and the man’s presumption that the woman would cook after tying the knot are naturally removed. The plot is simple and straightforward: when he promises to help her cook, she offers to help him with the dishes. The way she steers him towards a more just version of equality is beautifully written.

Sebamed | #NoConditionsApply

The brand puts the cover back by tackling the claims of the category. The constant towing of that line makes the brand look like the truth-telling brand to power in the personal care space. The personification of “Conditions Apply” in a courtroom, casting and performances all deserve equal applause. The key message seems to get through even though the viewer is still interested in the spot – a rarity when it comes to hair care claims.

Vivo Pro Kabaddi Ligue | #Saison 8 | #LePanga

Beating Dhoni for the Pro Kabaddi League feels natural, given the strong campaign we’ve seen for the IPL, also from the same broadcaster. The ‘Bidhega Toh Badega’ approach is tailor-made for the sport.

Pierre England | #HonestlyMade

The fashion brand that introduced and established the “honest” proposition is taking its game to the next level. For the new wedding collection, he invested not only in celebrity power, but also in a well-scripted exchange that reinforces his “honest” value proposition.

Roposo | #OwnItNow

Rap well done to appeal to a young audience seems to be a tried and true formula. It certainly works for a brand in the content dating space.

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